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Personality Why : Who am I ?

Soul Why : What’s my Evolutionary Intention ?

Divine Why : How can I be of Purposeful Service?



“Know Thyself” is one of the oldest teachings in all the sacred books. As we come to know ourselves more intimately, we naturally arrive at cross-roads and stumbling blocks that challenge us to find clarity and inner-validation on our own path. It’s a continuous process to practice deep, embodied self-trust and alignment with the highest expression of what we want to explore in this life. This often brings up aspects we need to heal, decondition from, and strategies for decision-making that keep us in our flow state. This is what studying the planetary movements can support us with understanding. What’s at the center of our choices? How can I make the best ones that support my growth and those around me?

Sacred teachings remind us that the simple principles of one plane govern the complexities of the planes below it. So by studying astrology we’re studying the higher principles that govern all life in the planes below. My goal in counseling and teaching through astrology is to simplify these principles so we can all see how to fully embody the wisdom innate within each cell, plant, animal, planetary body, and the universe we live in. The more we see the oneness of the elements that bring us all together, the more we can show up authentically & compassionately to share our gifts with the world.

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