Learn to Read Your Own Chart

introduction to the star language

of your soul

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Foundation / Self 

Understanding of Self & Astrological Archetypes, Using the Language

  • Houses/Axes, the natural human life cycle

  • Elements and Modalities

  • Houses, Planets & Planetary Rulerships, Signs, & Intro to Pluto, Lunar Nodes & Evolutionary Astrology as a Method


 Intermediate: Conscious

Pattern Application

  • EA (Evolutionary Astrology) as a Method (Pluto archetypes, Pluto polarity point, Lunar Nodes)

  • Major & Minor Aspects & Applying them with Planetary Pairs, Aspect Patterns, Chart Patterns

  • Planetary Symbols, Mythology & archetypes of the Major Asteroids (Juno, Pallas Athene, Vesta, Ceres), Eris, Chiron & Centaurs

  • Cycles (Saturn Return, Lunar Return, Nodal Returns, all major planetary cycles & returns, Solar Returns)

  • Using astrology in your daily life (timing, strategy, applying knowledge of aspects, transits)


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Chiron Coaching:

Activate your healing path with

Chiron in Aries 2018-2027

  • Made for you write-up on how Chiron in Aries will move through your chart over the next 9 years (2018-2027)

  • Special in-depth recording all about Chiron in Aries 

  • 2 one-on-one 30 minute live astro-coaching sessions (recorded on Zoom)


*video only options also available!



 Why astrology?

Astrology is a holistic language that describes the inner-workings of the universe. It is the perfect blend of science and intuition, making it possible to learn the systems and their foundations, and use a logical formula that can be tested and verified time and time again. It is also intuitive in the way you can interpret the meanings and the various layers of cosmic wisdom, and this is empowering for you, since you can learn how to tap into your own intuitive guidance system using the support of astrology charts and established systems.

How does astrology "work"?

As everything in the universe is connected, at the moment of our chosen birth we are imprinted energetically with what we came to experience here in this lifetime. This is how the planets, signs, houses & every other aspect of astrology becomes real in your specific, individual life. From there, the planets keep moving around the solar system, and we then begin to encounter a dialogue between the planets, which represents our evolutionary journey. We don't stay the same throughout our lives; we are always growing & changing, & we must always respond to these opportunities to grow, through either resistance or acceptance. It's important to remember that the stars, planets & astrology in general do not compel us to do or be anything, rather it is always our choices that make up our lives. But there is literally a map of the energies that we can refer to, based on what themes we can expect to confront throughout our lives, & we have choices to make regarding how to make the best of our lives, with which astrology can help us. There are many layers through which we can choose to use astrology, from personal psychology and knowing our basic nature, as well as to what we came here to do and why.

Why would you take this course?

You want to know more about how the universe we live in functions, and your unique place in it. You want to learn new ways of thinking about and using astrological insight in your everyday life. You want to be able to help yourself when you need guidance, using a systematic and intuitive understanding of yourself through astrology. You have a curious mind wanting to know the inner-workings of your soul, and how you can be the best version of yourself. You want to raise your frequency and evolve your consciousness to new heights so that you can be of authentic service in the world.

My philosophical outlook on astrology in a nutshell:

We all choose the time, place, location and other major circumstances (people) we are born into. We choose this for the opportunity to evolve on the Soul Level. The exact moment we are born provides us with certain energies that support our development in this life. You can find information about your past lives, where you are strong or have difficulties, what skills, strengths, gifts and talents you have at your disposal, and all the promises you made to yourself in order to evolve your consciousness. Each planetary placement tells a piece of the story, and together, there is dialogue that is always going on inside of you that makes up the complexity of who you are.

There are many layers of understanding and you can look at a chart from the basic level of understanding personality, to looking at time cycles of evolution in your life, to the most complex level of understanding of why your Soul incarnated here and what you came to do, and HOW. I primarily identify as an evolutionary astrologer, but each astrologer has their own unique flavour and connection to Divine information. Each person I come into contact with has a completely different story, and as much as there is a foundational system and language, there is also an intuitive level of understanding and reading people. I find that it is most useful to focus on the information that will help you change your life if you need to, and align most effectively and gracefully with your highest purpose in life. I identify the major themes, and always take a positive spin as to how you can use this information.

I don’t believe that there are any “bad” signs or planetary placements, and as a Divine Being you chose this exact chart masterfully. It was not an accident, and therefore nothing about you is a mistake or needs to be looked at in a negative light. It is all just Divine code, information, that can help you evolve consciously. The thing that most people don’t realize, is that you are going to evolve regardless of whether you know what’s going on or not. My stance on this though, is that you can evolve with more confidence and faith in yourself, knowing your purpose, and moving and growing through life with joy and trust in your purpose, and and in your place in the universe. It’s better to move through life consciously rather than resisting your lessons because you don’t know why certain things are happening in your life.

Also, we live in a society where many things are decided for us by popular opinion and societal agreement. What if you are someone who’s meant to challenge the status quo simply by being who you are? Most of the time authority figures, such as parents will try to keep you in line with what is considered “normal” and “safe”, which can make you doubt yourself, your skills and your purpose that you know deep down is true for you. That’s part of the journey, figuring out your unique perspective on life, and being your own master. Most of the issues in society stem from people being unaware of their own power, giving it away to others, or not knowing how to love yourself for who you are, causing obvious difficulties in knowing how to love others for who they are.

How is this online course different from others?

  • Each person has one on one sessions included as part of the course to go over how to use the information learned in this course on your own chart, & the charts of friends/family/clients.

  • There will be unlimited access to me via email (, to answer any questions you have about what you are learning and how to apply it in your life for the duration of the course. You can view the video/audio material at your own pace, but there is still accountability as we meet online each week.

  • I give you “homework/reflection/research” questions within each module, and after you submit it to me, I provide feedback on how you are integrating the information so that it is clear and useful to you. I want you to feel confident in your application of this sacred wisdom, & we will continue to work together until that happens.

How I teach:

I like to give you a wide variety and scope of information to reach from. Certain elements will stick out and be more useful to you than others. It’s not important that you remember everything, if anything, the essence is more important than any detail. I teach through stories, examples and through encouraging you to make your own interpretations & use your intuition. To me, learning is all about integration and application. In order to make this useful to you, you have to be willing to draw your own conclusions about things, and we can always be in dialogue about your interpretations if you need help. I supply a high amount of information quickly, and so the integration piece comes through “pausing”, taking notes, writing down your curiosities and doing the homework. When you begin to see the patterns and cycles, things start to make more sense, but until then, trust that you are learning what you need to learn starting from where you are. We are always building in astrology, and it is a lifelong journey of learning and integrating wisdom. Welcome to the tribe.


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