full moon in scorpio

Transforming our Point of Attraction through Trust - Full Moon in Scorpio

The Moon is Full in Scorpio May 18that 2:12pm PDT at 27˚39’. It’s that time of year to dive into our deepest interior motivations for how we attract resources in our lives. To expose anything hidden in the darkest caverns of our psyche around what we value, our priorities, and how we will allow ourselves to consciously evolve and transform. Depending on where you have the Taurus/Scorpio axis in your chart will highlight how you are transforming your values, and what this means for connecting on a deeper level to your soul. All of this is a precursor to the Sun shifting soon into Gemini May 21st, when Mercury will also enter Gemini, so first we’ll do some deep soul work to release and transform, and then we’ll get to move out into new territory of learning and exploring so that we can apply what we’re learning with this Full Moon.

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For me, the Full Moon in Scorpio is always a memorable time of year. For me being a Taurus rising, this always puts the Scorpio Full Moon on my descendant or my 7thhouse, so it illuminates relationship dynamics around resources, values, priorities, and soul level desires and motivations for the relationship, so this is something I specifically plan for diving into in all of my meditations leading up to the event, and also what I create ritual around.  For yourself, you need to reflect on the meanings of the houses this axis lies on in your chart, so that you can feel into what often seems to shift for you around this time each year. 


We get at least one Full Moon of each sign each year, sometimes two, but these are meant to be memorable times of self-illumination.  The Moon is our self-image, and reflects how we are changing and flowing with our evolutionary tides from moonth to moonth. When you collect enough of these experiences consciously, you can start to plan ahead for the coming seasons, to see how you will be peeling back another layer of the same energies, with new levels of consciousness.


At 27˚ this is the finalization of Taurus season, meaning we are finding new mastery of Taurus in ourselves and collectively. I call these the PhD degrees, where it’s likely the most challenging mental and spiritual stretch to get ourselves to a greater understanding, and then also apply it practically in our lives. 


Taurus has been and will continue to be a prominent energy for us with Uranus in Taurus. We are illuminating all of the ways our material attachments could be examined and transmuted through the Scorpionic efforts of diving into the soul to feel into what is most real and true for your life as a whole. Why are you here? Really answering that question can make the biggest difference in how you spend your time, money, resources and overall energy in your daily life, your daily grind, your efforts toward building something sustainable in your life that you can rely on, as Taurus desires. 


The Full Moon in Scorpio is the same day that Venus conjuncts Uranus, and she is in the new phase of instinctual emergence by the time of the Full Moon. 


So, let’s break down some of the basics around moon phases, and phasal relationships in general, because this is actually something that applies to all planetary pairs. We can look at the phasal relationship between each planet in our natal chart to find exactly where and how we are developing the gifts, talents and expressions of each planet, and what healing and refining we can work on in relation to those planetary functions.


If we take the planetary pair of Venus/Uranus, we can look at the combination of how Venus, our love language, point of attraction, our emotions, feminine or receptive nature, our values and priorities, how all of this relates to the functions of Uranus, which is to free us, liberate us, and emancipate us from stagnant energy. 


Now with both planets in Taurus, the inner side of Venus, this is like a triple energy of Taurus saying loud and clear, “we need to evaluate how we look at our resources, our values, our priorities, our routines, how we make money, what skills we use to pull in what we require in order to live our purpose in this life”.


With the Full Moon, this is Taurus illuminating Scorpio. This means illuminating everything that we may have hidden from even ourselves around our motivations with money, materials, and how our soul level desires interact with our physical, tangible world possessions, or perhaps how we value ourselves, our self-esteem, self-worth, self-sufficiency, self-reliance, being able to do things for ourselves. This works well with Venus in new phase to Uranus, as we can attract to us the new energies that will help us solidify what we are evaluating this Full Moon. 


The trick in working most positively with Taurus energy is to find where we are stubborn, and allow ourselves to release the control we think we need to have in order to stay secure. Often this can manifest as beliefs and ideas about what security means. We have to remember that with all the Capricorn planets, Saturn, Pluto and the South Node, we are deconditioning and deprogramming from a lot of what societal structure has dictated that we need to do. So in regards to this current season, the aspect of that deprogramming that we’re working on is deprogramming around resources, money, self-worth and everything I’ve mentioned, and noticing where does the stubbornness or reluctance to change come from? What fears may they be linked to? 


Moving through fear is what Scorpio can help us with, to learn to trust ourselves on the soul level, to bring the soul into the earthly experience, knowing they are not separate at all, that attuning ourselves with our soul level desires will actually support us in feeling soul security, which permeates into our physical experience when we are in the state of trust. Most of our fear around making changes to our routines, or how we go about attracting what we think we need in life is all linked to cultural and social programming, as well as past life karmic situations that can cause us to hold onto certain notions of what will keep us safe. 


We have to change with the world, to change with the collective, and also to get scientific with Uranus in Taurus, to see how we can better live sustainably on all levels. The physical aspect of sustainability is quite obvious, but what about the emotional, mental or spiritual aspects of sustainability in the ways we go about living our lives? Mercury being so close to conjuncting the Sun in Taurus brings in that added emphasis on the quality of our thoughts, and perhaps certain thoughts of security versus evolution that we are allowing to be transformed and transmuted to higher levels of soul authenticity. 


As much of our conscious evolution starts with noticing our thoughts, mental patterns and decision-making, we can ask ourselves what can help us emotionally evolve so that we can allow ourselves to rest in a comfortable discomfort at the edge of our evolution.


Some questions to ask: Are you giving too much of our personal resources perhaps to efforts that go wasted on some level? Or are you considering how each of your decisions around your possessions, your skills, what you need to survive and thrive in the world can be heightened to the level of soul mastery and knowing what will really get us what you want, beyond a feeling of illusory or false security? How are you using your creative energy in alignment with your soul mission? Remember that Taurus/Scorpio rules procreation as well as sensuality and sexuality, so is your sexual energy being maximized or engaged with in the most appropriate ways, you can look at tantric practices, using the kundalini energy to fully awaken and open up your energy potential. These are the kinds of questions you need to be asking yourself, and of course honoring your journey with Taurus/Scorpio up to this point. There are always deeper layers of self-awareness and this is what raising consciousness means.


You can meditate with simple questions like, “what fear do I need to let go of in order to live more in soul alignment?” or “what resources do I require to live out my purpose?” or “what subconscious emotional pattern needs to be exposed so that I can bring conscious healing to it?”


Scorpio can be extremely powerful to work with, especially when you get to work with it consciously. It is one sign that perhaps doesn’t always want to be seen, because to see something truly is to know its intentions and motivations, and therefore its power, and a shadow expression of Scorpio is to be afraid of your own power, because it often can be aligned with needing to change. Sometimes with Scorpio the true power needs to be coaxed out and revealed so that the underlying emotional patterns can merge with our consciousness, which usually once you start the process of awareness there’s no going back, so you just confront whatever is limiting. Where we have Scorpio in our charts is where we are confronting the preconceived limitations that we’ve had about how that area of life works or doesn’t work, or how the planets involved can be expressed. There is always a more enlightened way to work with our shadows, and the Full Moon in Scorpio is an excellent time to be fully conscious with it.


Wishing you the best in your conscious evolution journey! May you know who you are and why you are here.