Full Moon in Capricorn Partial Lunar Eclipse

Here we go with another eclipse, this one a Full Moon in Capricorn partial lunar eclipse, happening Tuesday July 16th at 2:38 pm pacific time.

We have been already feeling it for a while now! This energy you’ve been working through, this is it, this is how the Full Moon in Capricorn is supporting you in embodying and integrating the wisdom you are receiving. This is leading you up to a powerful culmination and integration. Full moons always invite in greater meaning and wholeness, as we embrace two opposites, united in one event, one integrating consciousness. This full moon has an even stronger emotional pull being a partial lunar eclipse, one that is visible pretty much everywhere in the world except North America. Eclipses are more powerful when we are visibly witnessing them, so if you are in Australia, most of Asia, Europe, Africa, or South America, things may seem that much more intensified. But the energy of an eclipse is felt throughout the Earth, so we are all of us around the globe working with this powerful energy. 


This is an eclipse cycle of dissolving our fear-based identities that have been constructed in the past, so we can actually make space for the more integrated identities that are naturally emerging. So, what are you afraid of? Get nice and intimate with that, as it’s not going away. If anything, trying to control and grip and battle with fear is only going to make it stronger. We need to instead look at it, sit with it, integrate any aspects of ourselves that have been split off because of the fear. The world needs us to be whole and intact as we step up to the plate of change in this new age.


The Moon at 24˚ Capricorn is opposite the Sun at 24˚ Cancer, both close enough to the lunar nodes to be an eclipse. With the Moon conjunct Pluto and to a lesser degree her own South Node and Saturn, we are working with past energies to reveal and expose old limiting fear or control patterns. You might be noticing more patterns that emanate from subconscious fear, as all the retrograde planets are pulling up these powerful insights rooted in our memory. Much of what we consider limiting thought patterns, beliefs, actions or energies stem from fear. This could be fear of the loss of control with Saturn and Pluto involved. This could be fear of underperforming in society or according to social standards that we hold ourselves up to. This could be based on literal lies you have been told or told yourself about who you are and what you are capable of creating. If you’re not sure if or where you have fear, look at what you try to control, and you’ll have your answer. Look at what situations or people you try to control, and you’ll know where you carry fear. 


Look to where you have Cancer/Capricorn in your chart to dig into what fears are seeking to be exposed, most notably the Capricorn side of things right now with Saturn, South Node, Pluto and the Moon. The key to working with this energy is not to run away from it, or repress it, or stuff it back down and pretend it isn’t there. The key to healing from the fear patterning is to look at it, confront it, sit with it, be with your feelings.  


Ask yourself what would happen if you just let go of the need to control that thing, person, situation or experience. What would be the worst thing that could happen? Imagine it did. Sit with how that feels. Then keep going deeper in this process until all that is left is the core feeling that you are trying to avoid feeling, and what fears it is attached to. If you sit with this process long enough, you can start to overcome a lot of the story around fear, which actually helps to dispel fears hold on your subconscious mind, and therefore your conscious thoughts, words and actions. We have to go into the underworld, into the subconscious to do this work, because 95% of how we live our everyday lives is based in subconscious patterning. 


While we wrestle with trying to control everything on a conscious level, we’re only working with 5% mind power unless we’re able to tap in and access what’s really going on underneath it all. Our emotions are our greatest tools for navigating the unknown. They are our guidance system when we don’t or simply can’t have all the answers on a mental level. So why do we try so hard to control everything with our mind? Why do we cause ourselves so much needless suffering? We can instead move into the state of trust in our process, trust in our emotional guidance system to help us lead the way forward, lead us up and out of any tangled webs of our ego.


So, let the insights come to you as you sit with how you are feeling. Full Moons often bring up heightened emotions, as our emotions are more plainly visible to ourselves and others. We can physically see the Moon in the sky in all her brightness, so her showing her full face gives us the subconscious encouragement to do the same.


With the eclipse that will cover some of the Moon’s light, this is like a reset button. We turn off the old pattern of how we saw ourselves, and then turn it on again with a newfound insight, one that will come to us emotionally.


With Mercury retrograde in Leo, and soon to be back in Cancer, the sign of the Moon, this is an especially potent time for sitting with our feelings and letting them inform our intellect rather than the other way around. We so often try to control our feelings with our mind. We know the truth of “thoughts become things”, and so in our constant striving and efforting toward greater abundance, health, love, and happiness, we can often try to bypass the process that involves the grittier, heavier emotions like frustration, overwhelm, anger, sadness, or fear. This doesn’t actually make those emotions go away… they just get shuttled down to the underworld where they wait, lurking beneath the surface, prepared to jump out at you, usually unexpected and not with great timing. This being a Capricorn Full Moon, this is actually about taking full responsibility for our feelings, not running away from them because they are scary. 


This is a time to practice emotional maturity, which contrary to what many of us has been taught, does not mean emotional repression. It does not mean abandoning ourselves to “look” strong for others. Maybe you need to be that rock for someone else right now, as this eclipse is tied in with all sorts of energies around duty, obligation, and just getting our shit together for lack of better words. So, while we have to be grown-ups and honour our duties and responsibilities, we also need to give ourselves space to feel what we’re feeling.


Retrograde seasons always pull up past stories, and help us get a new insight on them. We have Jupiter, Ceres, Mercury, Saturn, Pluto, Neptune and Chiron all retrograde right now. There are without a doubt past stories and versions of Self coming into your space right now. And it is likely not that gentle or subtle. It’s probably pretty obvious what you’re working on integrating right now. There will be different shades of this for everyone, but the core themes for all of us are around emotional security, self-nurturing, self-responsibility, and respect for both self and others. While it may not be always comfortable or bring about the warm fuzzies, as we awaken to greater conscious awareness, we naturally bring healing. We naturally bring in more love. We naturally bring in more clarity after any storms of confusion.


With the Full Moon quintile Chiron, this can bring up full awareness of the wounds you are healing as an individual, or a greater sensitivity to any information that can help heal humanity as a whole. Everything you work on healing in yourself is something that you heal for the world. The more you embody loving self-respect, the more you innately encourage others to do the same. It’s not about telling others what to do or be, it’s about embodying it, as the Moon so teaches us. 


Lunar wisdom is body wisdom, feminine wisdom, that is not simply ideas or exciting insights, but rather an embodiment of our evolving consciousness, which occurs through our emotions… evolution is biochemical, it’s not just a thought we have in our minds, although that can be part of the process. In short, you need to physically integrate the healing insights that come up. It’s not enough to just know them. Thankfully we have a massive retrograde season right now so we have a lot of time and space to reflect on how to physically integrate the wisdom we are receiving. We are spiritually supported to do that with the energy of a quintile between the Full Moon and Chiron. It’s almost as if nothing else really matters, other than fully integrating the wisdom and lessons we are learning. The universe is giving us space to integrate.


It’s likely that much of what you experienced around the New Moon total solar eclipse of a couple weeks ago is still strongly in your field of experience. This energy will actually be with us for up to 6 months through its ripple effect. We will still be working with these themes long-term, as we would anyway with the North Node of the Moon being in Cancer. We will come back to these eclipse energies again right at Christmas, but that time in Capricorn season. 


So, there is no running away from your soul-level obligations, duties and responsibilities. Really more than anything, this is a time to make soul, as mythologist Michael Meade puts it. He reminds us that with a world of a crumbling social order, more than ever we need to connect with our soul, and make more soul for the world. We do this through loving what we love. Loving our purpose in this life. An exact quote from Michael Meade: 


“…we are experiencing in culture a loss of soul. And we are here to make more soul. It begins with the individual, with everyone's personal genius, and once enough soul has been made by individuals, then we can reconnect to the collective and begin to change life. And our issues right now are so profound and widespread that we need many people's genius, and many people's soulful connections in order to build our way back to a meaningful culture, and a meaningful connection of culture to nature."


This sentiment that he so eloquently phrases is really what Pluto conjunct the South Node and this series of eclipses is all about. Pluto is the deepest desires of our soul’s evolutionary path. When we confront (Pluto) everything in the way of that, we make more soul, or we connect more with what our souls are really craving at this time. All of this occurs through us listening to our emotions. It happens through paying attention to the ways our conscious identities are shifting. This is all what the Moon symbolizes for us.


I hope this is helpful for you as you navigate the waters of this eclipse season. If you need support, I am here, and I encourage you to connect with your chart to really get all the angles of how this eclipse is moving through you and within you. As always, get your crystals out, say a prayer in reverence for your evolutionary journey, and maybe do something different, something that feels like an embodiment of the wisdom you’ve been integrating. Let your soul guide the way, you’re in good hands.


Truly honoring each of you on your journeys and bowing in reverence to all the hard work you’ve been doing to evolve, heal and shine your light in this world. Happy Full Moon. Namaste.

Nura Rachelle

Evolutionary Astrologer, focused on Healing the Feminine & Reclaiming Sovereignty