New Moon in Cancer Total Solar Eclipse

Welcome cosmic beings to Eclipse season. We have a New Moon total solar eclipse happening July 2nd, 2019, 12:16pm PDT at 10˚ 37’ of Cancer. We will also have a partial lunar eclipse with the upcoming Full Moon in Capricorn on July 16th. Something important to note about eclipses is that they only happen when the Sun and Moon are near to the nodal axis, which is currently at 17˚ of Cancer and Capricorn. 

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10˚ of Cancer is considered in the 2nddecan of Cancer, which includes Scorpio energy. This brings about a massive energy around transformation and mutation of our identity. Cancer is Yin Cardinal Water, pulling us inward, to source our innate emotional wisdom, our innate Goddess consciousness, our Great Mother who nourishes and supports us.


With Saturn Rx at 17˚ Capricorn conjunct the South Node, Pallas Athene & Asteroid Lilith at 13˚ of Libra, and Chiron at 5˚ of Aries, we have a Cardinal grand cross activation during this eclipse season. The Cardinal axis is about the fundamentals of our identity, the energy of initiating change in who we are. Whenever cardinal signs are being activated, we are steeped in the energy of putting ourselves out into the world in a new way. This axis also keeps us engaged with the dance of who we are at home in ourselves, and how we show up out in the world. What is the connection between our innate beingness and what is going on out in the world?


As we are witnessing much social upheaval and challenge on a collective level, with our political structure disintegrating and our new collective awareness that we need to step up as individuals and BE the change, this is pulling up a whole lot of gunk from our past. This is pulling up the histories that overshadowed the her-stories, the domination and suppression of the patriarchy, the foundations of our collective systems that are crumbling in their stagnant efforts of controlling the masses.


We are returning to a greater awareness of Goddess Consciousness. This implies reconnecting with the Earth, this beautiful home that supports us, houses us, feeds us and nourishes us. This process of returning to our wholeness requires a letting go and purging of who we thought we were. This requires a new look at our mythopoetic understanding of life… taking a look at the old stories and myths we’ve been told about who we are, and reconnecting to our true essence. We use stories, myth and poetry as tools for self-understanding. Think about the majority of the stories you’ve been told. Are they stories of truth, love, inherent beauty, authenticity and honoring natural processes? Or are they stories of shame, guilt, sadomasochism, domination and suppression? Likely there’s a mix of both of these spectrums, and our work is to peel back the layers and question the stories that do not align. Much of this is subconsciously programmed, and so we will need to dip into the realms of our subconscious to work this healing and repatterning. It’s a big task, and we will likely experience a strong push-back from the powers that be, but this is our life we’re talking about. This is the life of our planet and all the beautiful beings she holds that hangs in the balance of each of our individual self-awareness. We shift as a collective via the leadership of strong, aligned and authentic individuals who know themselves and their purpose in life. 


Saturn Rx conjunct the South Node is literally pulling off all of the layers of control, suppression, programming and conditioning around how we view life. Saturn was conjunct the South Node at the end of April a couple months ago. What were you working through then and how you are currently accelerating the evolution of your new self that is related to the deprogramming you began at that time? The very basis of what we consider reality is being challenged, as Saturn represents the consensus reality. As the consensus of the collective shifts into greater awareness of the flaws of our political and economic systems, we will start to witness greater change happening all around us.


The more we feel safe in showing up authentically in our true nature, the more we make space for all beings to return to nature in general. It is socially and environmentally imperative for us to remember the ways of our ancestors who walked in harmony with the Earth. To re-invigorate our sense of self-hood that is more in alignment with our true essence, our true identity. This requires us to acknowledge where and how we’ve been hypnotized, brainwashed or forced into submission. Through what has been dubbed the “dude standardization project” of the Renaissance, or the Enlightenment, or the Age of Reason, we have attempted to eradicate the Wisdom of the Goddess and associated Ways of Knowing.  The Goddess has spent millennia underground and in hiding, out of fear of persecution from the demonization of the patriarchy, and so has her wisdom. We are now reconnecting with this through our attention to holistic and alternative healing, embracing our intuition, and healing from the ways our very bodies have been shamed. 


“The patriarchal God has only one commandment: Punish life for being what it is. The Goddess also has only one commandment: Love life, for it is what it is.”– quote from the Great Cosmic Mother by Monica Sjoo & Barbara Mor


Think about what this quote is saying… the notion of punishing life for being what it is, original sin, being inherently sinful or needing to feel ashamed of our humanness, compared for embracing and loving life for what it is, and aligning with the natural flow.


With this eclipse, we are reconnecting ourselves to the source of life. We are coming back to our bodies, feeling into the reconciliation of spirit and flesh. We are no longer feeling ashamed of our wildness, or our untamed nature. This is foundational to what it means to heal our shadow.


Pallas Athene & Asteroid Lilith are working the return to the wild nature, embracing the un-tame nature that supports Goddess consciousness in her return to sovereignty, and therefore the sovereignty & autonomy of all beings. In Libra this can pull out patterns of relating where we hide ourselves for the sake of others’, or what we perceive others want from us. We can instead be an inspiration and a catalyst for others if we boldly align with our truth. We need to have these kinds of discussions and not shy away from these challenging topics.


With Chiron in Aries, we are healing our relationship with our own egos, and returning to a trust of our animal bodies, our instinctual nature, the part of us that wants what it wants as it receives information directly from Source.


We are healing the rift between the notions of Yin and Yang. Instead of seeing them as separate or opposing forces, we start to see them again as one continuum of the whole. We start to see how we can flow with the in and out breath of life, witness the symbiosis and unity consciousness that is inherent in Goddess culture. This is the consciousness that will engender a healthy planet and ecosystem, as we become more in alignment with the balance required in nature. We will support and align our human habits with natural processes instead of trying to box them in according to our dystopic consensus reality that have really just become about our convenience. While confronting that may be uncomfortable for some, it is a necessary push through to get to the other side of our authentic healing and collective growth and wellbeing.

Wishing you all a sweet & soulful New Moon in Cancer, may you be well, eat well, and love others well,


Nura Rachelle

Evolutionary Astrologer, focused on Healing the Feminine & Reclaiming Sovereignty