Cancer Season

Welcome to Cancer season, the point where the Sun hits the Northernmost point and it is Summer in the North, Winter in the South. Being of the North myself, that is the orientation I take, as it is Summer for me, but all of us around the world are working with Cancer energy. This is the energy of the home, nourishment, security, safety, the mother, the waters, the flow, the softness, what makes us feel at home with ourselves. My wish is for each of us to connect with a bit more softness this season.

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With the Sun’s ingress into Cancer, Neptune also stations Rx. Neptune stations retrograde today until November 27th, traveling between 18˚43’ and 15˚56’ Pisces. This small slice of Pisces degree points will be traversed a total of 3 times, and we’ve already moved through the 1st since Neptune has been in the pre-Rx shadow phase since the end of February.


We can look at the pre-Rx phase as indicating what potential confusion or disillusionment we require to work through this year. The actual Rx period shows us the work we need to do in going back to understand what has happened in the pre-Rx phase. What has been confusing for you over these past few months? This is the time to actively work through that by allowing the disillusionment process to take hold. We need to surrender to the process of letting go of our illusions, which eventually brings us to greater clarity. Then in the post-Rx phase (which lasts from November 27 to March 16th 2020), this is where we integrate fully our new-found clarity, and can see the fruits of our surrendering process.


Look at what planets you might have between 15-18˚ of Pisces for any conjunctions, or those same degrees in any sign. 15-18˚ in Gemini/Sagittarius will indicate squares or tensions emerging in your belief systems and how they connect to cosmic truth. 15-18˚ of Virgo will show what you are specifically integrating to be used in your daily life, what strategies, routines or patterns need to shift. 15-18˚ of any other sign will show other major & minor aspects, so be sure to play around with what is moving through your chart, what is being dissolved so you can connect more closely with Great Spirit.


We will have Venus in a gibbous phase opposition to Jupiter upon the Summer solstice, this emphasizes the reflective nature we are feeling into around our beliefs of the feminine while the Sun is culminating, our longest days of the year in the North, we might have more energy but also more time to think. We may be working through our own challenges in how we understand or identify with the nature of our own femininity, whether we identify as being in a male or female body. All genders carry the feminine and we all express feminine energy uniquely. But as we are collectively returning to the Goddess, much of what we experience can feel either very new, or perhaps like a long-lost sensation of déja vu or nostalgia for something we recognize deep within us. We can recognize the feelings of reconnecting with All Our Relations, through reconnecting with the Cosmic Mother, and bringing her wisdom back into how we organize our structures, systems, and paradigms currently.


This can challenge us to fight to hold onto our past beliefs about what reality is, as has been set out by patriarchal structures for the past few thousands of years. When we think about what has conditioned our present reality, we have to acknowledge that it has been built via belief systems, and is not based on inherent truth. We did not always operate from a place of industrialization, capitalism, putting the economy as the bottom line of success or fulfillment. 


Even as we collectively open up to more conversations around manifesting, there is still this strong remnant of a disjointed reality where everyone is an individual just creating their own world bubble, which is not quite accurate to what’s really going on. As we reconnect with the roots of our sacred nature, we remember that we are a collective, and we collectively manifest together. We have root systems that connect us around the world, similar to the mycelium that gather between the trees and provide us these beautiful fruiting bodies we call mushrooms. Cancer season in general is very much about reconnecting with our true roots, going back as far as we can, until we get close enough to reclaim the gifts our ancestors have left for us.


Mercury & Mars entering Leo mid-season, as they are currently conjunct in Cancer upon the Summer Solstice. With our minds and action language traveling through space together, we can have a greater ease on taking action on our ideas. As they are now in full phase opposition to Pluto, we are more able to let our thoughts and actions be directed toward relating with others, as we’ve just completed a major inner reflection with them in the gibbous phase. The full phase opposition is about finding integration, meaning and completion. The relationship between Mercury/Pluto and Mars/Pluto are about aligning our thoughts with our soul (Mercury), and our actions with our soul (Mars). Putting them together, we can be experiencing extremely aligned thoughts and actions that are propelling us forward at maximum speed toward our evolutionary intentions as a collective.


We have a New Moon total eclipse July 2ndwith the New Moon in Cancer. This will be a time of sweet surrender, softness, and reconnecting with our internal Mother. We may be developing a brand-new relationship with her, and perhaps extending the reach of our family and inner circle around this time. 


Then Venus will enter Cancer July 3rdjust after the New Moon, pulling us deep inside to explore the waters. It’s worth noting that all of the planets entering the beginning degrees of Cancer will square Chiron in Aries, pulling up the tensions between how we have presented ourselves in the past, or any wounding around our individuality, and how that intersects with our self-love, self-care, and nourishment. 


Mercury stations Rx July 7thuntil August 1stbetween the beginning degrees of Leo and back into Cancer. Mercury Rx in Leo is a time of bringing us closer to our heart, literally and figuratively. This can help us to identify mentally with what our heart is speaking to us, so we can actually connect our heart and mind energy centers, or chakras. Since Rx planets always pull in some of their opposite sign energy in order to find full integration, we need to look at the degree points between Cancer to Leo, and Capricorn to Aquarius. This will show us the axis we are working with in connecting mind and heart. 


Mercury will re-enter Cancer July 19, just before the end of Cancer season, pulling us back into the softness of our core, and we can ask how much our thoughts are aligned with our heart (Leo), and nourishing us (Cancer). Are our thoughts loving, and compassionate? Do we think about ourselves the way we would think about a child we loved unconditionally? The way a mother loves a child? Even me asking that question, what does that bring up for you? In what ways can you call in a greater softness and tenderness toward your own mother, in compassion for the challenges she’s had or the energy she’s given of herself to raise you?


Cancer rules the stomach, breasts, how we give and receive nourishment in our bodies. Cancer also has co-rulership over the womb space, and the umbilical cord that fed us first. We can imagine the umbilical cord of the great cosmic mother as symbolized through Neptune in Pisces, reconnecting us with her as a way to reconnect with our own wholeness. This is a time to learn what really nourishes us on all levels to be able to make the necessary changes here in our Earth experiences.


During Cancer season we can be coaxed into a reconnaissance with our childhood upbringing. More emotions can flow. We can pull in memories of who we were, perhaps to show us something that brings us closer to our authenticity. What did you enjoy doing as a child? If you are searching for greater joy and happiness in your life, perhaps you might want to try those same activities. For me it was hula hooping, collecting sticks and stones to make fairy gardens, and finding large rocks to hop over. I loved building tree forts. I loved hunting for bird nests. As an adult I still like these things, and am always grateful when I give myself time to connect with the simple joys and curiosities. Having a child definitely helps with this, but is not required in order to reconnect with your own inner child who is always with you. 


You can also look at what was difficult for you integrate or understand about yourself as a child. This can bring us to an even deeper awareness of what needs healing at this time. 


Chiron stations Rx July 8thuntil December 12thgoing between 5˚ to 1˚ Aries. This will pull us back into the ways we’ve been becoming friends with our egos, to deepen the relationship. The more we lean into the process of befriending our ego and maturing it, and away from the idea of transcending it or demonizing it, the deeper our healing will be. Perhaps beyond our self-healing, we may also find the tools to be of service and support for our fellow human beings, as we encourage the healthy expression of their egos. We can all mature together, and it doesn’t need to feel like a battle. 


The Full Moon in Capricorn will also be an eclipse on July 16that 2:38pm PDT. Look for 24˚ of Cancer and Capricorn, a rather sensitive point with the Moon being so close to Pluto and being an eclipse. Eclipses can only occur when the sun and moon are near to the lunar nodal axis, therefore this year with the Cancer/Capricorn new and full moons. Eclipses always mark a period of acceleration, which you may have already been feeling into depending on your level of attunement to the seasonal shifts. I will share more about this Full Moon closer to the date, but the more we can prepare for deep release of the past versions of ourselves, the faster forward evolution we can expect to occur during this upcoming Full Moon eclipse.


As we lean into the soft embrace of our Great Mother, we can ask ourselves what needs tending, what needs nourishing. We can spend this season dropping into our heart space, asking ourselves the right questions that offer us the greatest vantage point of enjoyment, creativity and presence. The more we dive into the cool, shallow waters, the more we can feel at home in ourselves, reminded that we are the universe. We carry the cosmic blueprint of existence within each of our cells, and with reverence to our ancestors and our lineage, we can honor the gift of our life.


Wishing you many blessings this Cancer season, until next time. Love, Nura


Cancer season at a glance:


June 21, Neptune Rx (until Nov 27, 5:32am PT) 7:35am PT

June 21, Sun enters Cancer, 8:55am PT

June 23, Venus opposite Jupiter

June 27, Mercury enters Leo




July 1, Mars enters Leo

July 2, New Moon total eclipse of Sun (Cancer), solar eclipse

July 3, Venus enters Cancer

July 8, Mercury Rx in Leo until Aug 1, Mercury conjunct Mars in Leo

July 8, Chiron stations Rx 4:40pm (until December 12)

July 9, Sun opposite Saturn

July 14, Sun opposite Pluto

July 16, Full Moon eclipse of Moon (Capricorn), partial lunar eclipse

July 17, Venus opposite Saturn

July 18, Venus trine Neptune (Cancer/Pisces)

July 19, Rx Mercury re-enters Cancer

July 21, Venus opposite Pluto, Ceres direct in Sag

Nura Rachelle

Evolutionary Astrologer, focused on Healing the Feminine & Reclaiming Sovereignty