Gemini Season - Cycles within Cycles, Worlds within Worlds

The Sun moves into Gemini May 21st at 1am PDT. Whenever we engage with Gemini energy, we are learning the relativity of Truth. We are regaining perspective and innocence, and learning how to communicate to get our needs met in fresh ways. We are learning how to play with life again, to renew our childish enthusiasm for life in all its forms. 


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We can consciously evolve this season through being playful with our perspective, to be able to witness the cycles within cycles and the worlds within worlds. We can get out of any ideas that there is one fixed way of looking at everything. It’s time for a refresher and illumination of all that we are learning and celebrating in our lives, even if we are also purging, transforming and evolving as we constantly are.


The Moon will freshly enter Capricorn the day the Sun moves into Gemini, about to revamp our emotional awareness on all the Capricornian purging we’ve been doing long term with Saturn, Pluto and the South Node. I feel this is an important time to share some awareness on just how the smaller cycles align within the larger ones, as we are always looking at cycles within cycles within cycles. You can look at how this is represented in other forms of astrology, like the Mayan calendar, where you can physically see how it is interpreted and organized, all wheels within wheels on top of other wheels.


Having this framework of understanding makes it possible to see how we can use our awareness of long-term energies that we’re working with, but with the shifting of each season to see how we are taking a different angle or approach on how to work through the long-term major shifts.


Looking at the Capricornian deconditioning and deprogramming we’re all doing and acknowledging the long-term resonance is important in order to understand the foundation of any time period we’re looking at for this year and into 2020, and even beyond that as even though the nodes and Saturn will shift into their next respective signs at that time, Pluto will still be in Capricorn until 2024.


I often express my gratitude to the cosmic system as its been divinely set up, as we don’t need to experience all of our karma or evolution all at once. We get to spend solid amounts of time exploring each archetype, over and over again, just in varying combinations, and everything always moves along a continuum. We know that each sign’s experiences build upon the wisdom, wounds and wishes of those that came before. This is how we are continuously evolving not only ourselves, but the very archetypes we identify with. 


The relationship between the Sun in Gemini this month and the other planets weaves a story based on illumination, and finding new information. As we may have found ourselves in a lot of darkness over specifically what needs to change, or what we need to do differently to replace those patterns and routines we’ve been shifting away from or newly into, this Gemini season can offer information that can help us understand how to make some practical changes.


To start, Mercury aligns with the Sun on day 1 of this season. Anytime Mercury or any planet conjuncts the Sun, we experience a type of renewal through the fires of our consciousness, as the Sun literally burns up anything that is not part of the newly forming cycle. This can include thought patterns or perspectives or interpretations that we had been living by for the past little while, since the last Mercury Retrograde season. 


Sometimes this can feel a bit like burning up our ego, as we often consider our thoughts to be us. If there’s something you’ve been mentally wrestling with but unable to find resolution, this conjunction can be that force of nature to simply eliminate it from your though process, to make space to being anew with more clarity. It can also help us to re-identify our thoughts with our true purpose of the moment, the Sun, which can keep us more in the here and now rather than keeping our past mental confusions on repeat mode.


Mercury will oppose Jupiter just 10 days into Gemini season on May 31, while Venus in Taurus will trine Saturn in Capricorn, again bringing into focus the Capricorn deprogramming and reprogramming we are all doing. The Mercury/Jupiter opposition with Jupiter still retrograde will bring up any ways we are wrestling Truth within us. Mercury inevitably surrenders to Jupiter, so wherever we have been fighting the truth within ourselves or in our communications with others will be revealed to a higher way of seeing and knowing the situation.


The Venus/Saturn trine between Taurus and Capricorn will again bring up more conscious focus on how we are realigning our value systems by reflecting on how they were shaped in the past conditioning. This can look different for everyone, but with the position of Saturn conjunct the South Node and Pluto, this likely looks like some type of letting go of material attachments that don’t serve us, or ways of viewing ourselves in relation to the material world. We may need to step more into the mystery for a little while over the course of this Gemini season, to be able to let go of our attachments to be able to see more clearly what we really need to live our purpose and be happy in the long run. 


The New Moon in Gemini will be June 3rd, on the same day as the Venus/Pluto trine. This brings an even more heightened energy around purging material attachments, and making more space for soul level desires and truth, and coming to the close of a cycle of attachment. This can also be in relationships, fully coming to terms with any assets or liabilities that we’ve attached ourselves to, and evaluating their usefulness. I know that can sound a bit cold, but the lens of Earthy practicality is required right now as we strip away what is clouding our vision. 


Remember that both Mercury and Venus are associated with the mind of God/Goddess, that Mercury is how we use and communicate the divine messages through words and logic, while Venus is the mind of God/Goddess through pictures and symbols, the feminine aspect of knowingness. 


Anything that we are letting go of in terms of our mental or material attachments is only on the individual ego level, and surrendering to the process of letting go makes more space to align with a higher version or interpretation of the divine that is needed in our lives. Sometimes we have to let go of who we thought we were, to step into who we actually are.


Mercury is moving quick this season, as he’ll zip into Cancer June 4th, and then Venus will move into Gemini June 9th. We are really moving forward quickly this season, which is Gemini’s M.O. anyways, so get ready to learn a lot of new things, be in a lot of new kinds of situations, meeting a lot of new people, and letting these chance encounters shape the new you that you are always becoming. Be aware of meeting people who may be your opposites, to help show you something that about yourself that you are working on integrating. Or to be challenged in your opinions about the world, to perhaps also find more grace and space in your worldviews. 


Mars in Cancer will trine Neptune in Pisces June 14th, while Mars will simultaneously be opposite Saturn. This bridges Saturn and Neptune even further who are already sextile each other, to find the links between our duty, responsibilities, and practical application of life (Saturn), with what inspires us and keeps us linked into a higher spiritual purpose for it all (Neptune). Mars, our action language, our passion and drive to go out into the world and get what we want, is communicating in a 3-way call with Saturn and Neptune, trying to find out the best way to take care of ourselves and find inner security (Cancer) in the process of aligning duty with inspiration.


Mercury will then come to oppose Saturn and Pluto toward the end of the season, again offering us the chance to align our thoughts with our duty to evolve, and to become the highest most aligned versions of ourselves through what we choose to mentally engage with. This could be supported by really focusing on illumination this Gemini season, rather than any escapism or running away from the truths that are staring us in the face. The more we are searching for the truth of what we need, or how to communicate our true needs, the more the divine reaches back out to us with very specific clues as to how to align our thoughts, actions and energy. 


Instead of Netflixing and chilling, get outside and roam the territory of your natural world imagination. Get creative, get curious, connect with your innocence, watch a ladybug climb through a blade of grass or feel the sensations as she climbs up your arm, refocusing your energy on the worlds within worlds and the cycles within cycles and reacquainting yourself with the simple truths of life. We can do this through intentional play. 


Finally, Gemini season ends with Neptune stationing retrograde June 21stat 18˚43’ Pisces, retrograde until November 27thto 15˚56’. So while we spend much of Gemini season getting curious about our connections with the world, using our scientific lens of intentional play to get to know ourselves better, Neptune will be taking a dive deeper into the realms of healing, unconditional love, compassion, service, and surrendering to our divine purpose here on Earth. I’ll share more about Neptune Retrograde in coming posts and videos, but for now, embracing the curiousity of Gemini can take us far into learning what we need to learn to bring clarity and aligned vision. This can really be a time of great change, and even if certain structures around us are toppling, we can do our best to celebrate our lives and our lessons. 


Many blessings to you this Gemini season,




Nura Rachelle

Evolutionary Astrologer, focused on Healing the Feminine & Reclaiming Sovereignty