Mercury Rx & New Moon in Pisces

Mercury Rx tomorrow, New Moon in Pisces and Uranus entering Taurus Wednesday... we have a full week and season ahead! Watch this video or keep reading below!

New moon in Pisces Wednesday, with Mercury Rx and Uranus moving into Taurus all within the same 2 days. Really asking ourselves the question… what does the world need from us? What does life itself need from us? What do we need from ourselves?


Sun and moon at 15˚ Pisces conjunct Vesta and Neptune at 16˚


Vesta is the goddess asteroid of sacred service, who keeps the holy flame burning as we continue in our hearts work. 

Her coming together with Neptune this week marks a reset of our spirit of devotion, to what are we most devoted to? This devotion, this joy, is the place we receive our inspiration to serve. 


In Pisces season we can come into contact with the contradictions and paradoxes of our lives. We know for example that it’s important for us to find we love to do and from that place share ourselves with the world, yet We are simultaneously being asked of spirit to be what and how and who we need to be in order to be of the greatest service. There’s a multiplicity inherent in Piscean oneness. We don’t need to be all things to all people, but we also have the ability to surrender and let go of certain ego attachments that limit our ability to serve, which sometimes requires us to change up our style. That’s not being fake or inauthentic... that’s being ready to do what you need to do, or go where you need to go, or change how you need to change so that you can stay aligned with your souls highest path for you. We can ask “god/goddess what would you have me do today that is in the highest good for all?” As we learn how to surrender to what is in the highest good for all, we learn that it is also inherently the highest good for ourselves as individuals as well. It’s not about personal sacrifice or being a martyr. It’s about listening, communicating and responding in a way that those you are communicating with can hear you and receive you. This is how we maintain our edge as leaders, teachers, healers, creators, parents, mentors, partners and whatever your path of awakening is. 


This New Moon in Pisces is asking us to look at how we can change, or adapt or evolve our attitude, our approach to whatever is the work we do in the world. How we show up in the roles we play, how we enjoy the life given to us. At its highest, the wisdom in Pisces teaches us to be happy, and to know that that is the highest place from which to serve. 


Mercury retrograde offers us a time to reflect on how we speak to ourselves, and of course the other people who are also ourselves. It’s a good time to observe our patterns of communication, watch out for those patterns where we paint ourselves the victim to life circumstances. Watch out for what you complain about. How might this be rooted in a fundamental fear or distrust of life? How can you alter your relationship with life itself to show more trust that everything is actually always working out? What needs to be surrendered within your thoughts patterns that has kept you stuck in believing lies?

This is what Neptune’s been working on, for a while actually, about 7 years so far, helping us with the disillusionment process. So the moon and mercury retrograde this year are bringing us full circle into a new cycle of higher awareness in our we relate to the joy of our lives, and what that means in all the various spheres of influence we find ourselves in. 


We also have Mercury stationing retrograde at 29˚ Pisces, 1˚ away from Chiron at 0˚ Aries. This gives Mercury a Chironic message of healing, teaching, and bringing up information from deep within to become more conscious. Our patterns are so funny sometimes, aren’t they? Sometimes I find myself doing or saying things, and then immediately after wonder why I said it. It can be healthy to observe these thoughts or speech patterns and notice the compulsions behind them, or why we feel the need to say things, especially if when we reflect on them they don’t actually feel true. Why do we say things sometimes that we don’t actually believe in? These can be things centered around not enough ness, or victimhood, or life being not fair in some way. They usually sound a bit childish, or just off-center in some way. And still the goal is not to judge these things we say, but to notice them, and notice how we can become more honest with ourselves through the words we speak. We may find this Mercury Rx season bringing more silence and solitude in our natures as we find the stillness within that leads to this deep healing. This deep growing. This deep awakening. Maturing. All of this is just a practice of self-awareness, to see how we can be even more loving to ourselves and others with every single word we speak, and eventually with every single thought we think. Sometimes we won’t catch the true nature of our thoughts until we’ve spoken them out loud, and then we hear it ourselves, consciously, and that’s something that can help up release any stuck subconscious communication patterns.


Uranus also moves into Taurus the day after the new moon, bringing us back to the focus on how we use our resources, how we stay tuned into the highest frequency of our values and priorities. So with this new moon we can be setting intentions specifically on finding what is the highest use of the resources life has given us, and perhaps what new resources we’d like to call in. Remember that Uranus offers an awakening process, that is usually linked to the changing of patterns. This can mean new routines that support a healthier use of resources, like new ways of caring for the earth, or for our own little plots of land that sustain us. Paying special attention to where we are putting our money, because in a lot of ways that’s how we vote for the type of resource use we want to continue to see in the future. Support the local farmers, sustainable handmade artisans, cutting down on things you don’t need, to make room for what you really truly value in your life. These small efforts can go a long way, and also demonstrate your willingness to listen to the call of global change that is on the way. Remember the mantra of Uranus, to choose change before change chooses you. 


Again, this brings us back to devotional joy, the joy of serving by simply being ourselves, and paying attention to what is being surrendered within you to make room for the highest expression of your calling in this life. This is a time for the maturation of how we engage with our ego, maturing the ego itself, not belittling it. Working in partnership with it, so we can stay aligned to the shifts happening in the world and within our own spirits. 

Nura Rachelle

Evolutionary Astrologer, focused on Healing the Feminine & Reclaiming Sovereignty