Aries Season 2019: Spring Equinox & Full Moon in Libra

We have a few special things about this upcoming Full Moon in Libra, it’s a supermoon, and most importantly it’s occurring just a few hours after the Spring Equinox Wednesday, March 20th. 


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Let’s talk about the fact that it’s a supermoon! A supermoon happens when the full moon coincides with the moon's closest approach to Earth in its orbit. If you’re a careful moon watcher you’ll notice that it looks about 30% brighter and appears closer, as it is literally closer to the Earth.


Energetically, this creates an increase of self-awareness, as we can see into ourselves and others a bit more closely and vibrantly. As we step into Aries season, with the focus on our new projects, our new creations, our new life springing forth and blossoming out into the world, we simultaneously have this strong focus on the other, which is coming through Libra. So, as we can see into ourselves more intimately to know what we want to create, we have the component of those closest to us mirroring back our creative flow. This can mean a lot of different things to different people, so let’s unpack some of the major aspects associated with this Equinox Full Moon.


The Equinox is exact at 2:59 pm PDT, Wednesday, March 20th. The most obvious aspect is that the Sun is conjunct Chiron in Aries, the wounded healer, who will be in Aries until 2027. I have a whole video on the specifics of this, which is linked in in my bio if you’re watching from Instagram, or you can find it linked beneath this video if you’re watching on Facebook or YouTube.


But at its most basic, Chiron in Aries is supporting us in our ego maturation process, and the healing that comes from owning up to our individual creative spark of life that seeks to become. We are learning how to trust ourselves more, to tune into the highest frequency of our desire nature, and to find a more intuitive connection to what we are creating, thus leading to healing of our ego, and healing of our instincts and impulse nature.


Depending on where you have Aries in your chart, this will illuminate the healing process further, and also noting the relation between transiting Chiron with natal Chiron, as it always reflexes back to your natal chart when trying to understand your own holistic healing process.


Aries rules the head, the skull, the cerebrum, the motor centers of the brain, the eyes, and upper jaw. This is a great time for a jaw massage! If you haven’t heard of that, look it up, and then get one! It’s great for relieving overall body stress, as it’s all connected. Every time I’ve taught a yoga class I remind the students to release the tension in the jaw, because as we carry tension in the jaw, it is often linked to tension in the hips and elsewhere in the body. 


The Aries-Libra axis together governs the acid/alkaline balance in the body, the glandular balances, and the adrenals. So think about how fast you are moving, how fast energy is moving through you, and the balance of the food you are eating. Sometimes I like to nerd out as I’m also a studying herbalist, but I totally have Ph strips and I test my saliva. Did you know that by keeping your mouth at about a 7 ph level you can avoid cavities? Most dental decay comes from an overly acidic mouth culture. So if this is happening in your mouth, imagine what is happening on an overall physical level if your ph is out of balance overall.


So, with the Spring Equinox occurring conjunct Chiron in Aries, we have a strong re-infusion and focus on our personal healing journeys, and with the Full Moon in Libra, this is being mirrored back and supported by how we relate to others. 


What has our communication been like with others? With Mercury retrograde in Pisces over this past week and a half, we’re about halfway through his retrograde transit, which can add an interesting component to what we’re discovering, and our overall energy for creating something new.


You may have been experiencing rendezvous with past lovers or past relationships coming into your awareness that need some healing, and this Full Moon can bring a culmination of that awareness. So many of you have been telling me about your dreams with past relationships, or even the lingering thoughts of needing to reconcile or communicate to past lovers to find greater healing or clarity. This is quite common during Mercury retrograde phases, especially as we mentally go back to try to solve issues that in some way are linked to our current evolution. Especially with Mercury in Pisces, bringing our conscious awareness to how we find wholeness, our spiritual path, our connection with All that Is. This is bringing up stuff around unconditional love, acceptance, compassion and forgiveness, most commonly in all the ways we can share more of this energy with ourselves and others.


With the Full Moon, you may find this to be heightened with a focus on forgiving others, and noticing the effects that has on your ability to free yourself from past shackles, which can then support your personal creative process even more.


When we think of Spring, we think Spring cleaning, or we think about what new things we want to create. We are inspired, and motivated. With this Mercury Retrograde, just remember to be patient with yourself if you feel like you don’t yet have everything worked out. This requires faith and trust, and sometimes you need to forge ahead without having all the mental answers worked out. But remember there is a way to be strategic with this. If you’re able to wait until Mercury stations direct, then wait, but if you need to take action now, then trust that you have all the necessary information you require at this time, and reach out to Great Spirit, God/Goddess to help lead the way in your decision-making process. It’s likely that new information will continue to trickle in over the next month that will help bring greater clarity to whatever situation you’re trying to find the answers to.


A lot of us are finding ourselves immersed in the need to make radical change in a new direction. This is a healthy drive for change, and aligns well with the current energy, but it requires that strong focus on faith and trust. It requires alignment with our higher selves. Think Jupiter in Sagittarius in a rough square with the Pisces planets right now. This brings up a lot of inner dialogue regarding personal truth and timeless truth, and how to expand beyond what we thought was possible in our very belief systems. This is a great time to notice the words that you speak, and notice how they link back to your beliefs about a given topic. This can be highly illuminating about the specific ways you are growing, stretching and expanding right now. 


Overall, collectively we’re calling in greater acceptance and tolerance toward all the varying belief systems out there, which we know are infinite and quite nuanced. The only way to collectively heal a lot of our rifts in belief systems are to cultivate a higher acceptance and seeing the relativity of truth, and therefore stretching our higher minds beyond what we thought was possible in how to see the world and our place in it. This will become more obvious how this is operating in your life when Jupiter stations retrograde, which will be mid-Aries season on April 10th.


On the same day we also have Mars in Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn, highlighting the transformation of what we take action on in regards to Earthly resources. We may find ourselves needing to consciously align with a way of spending money or using resources that brings more long-term sustainability, which can ultimately help expand resources rather than deplete them. Look to where you have Taurus and Capricorn in your chart to see what kinds of resources this means for you.


We will also have Venus entering Pisces March 26th, bringing a nice harmonizing impact with Mercury in his final days of retrograde season. She’ll join Neptune as well April 9th, bringing in a heightened focus on wholistic healing and universal love. Venus in Pisces brings a strong emphasis on loving the All, loving all of ourselves, loving all of those others in our lives, and even loving the others who we do not include in our closest circle. 


This can be a time of widening the circle, as Mother Theresa would argue, that sometimes we draw our circle too small. On a collective level, if everyone is doing this, it creates scarcity mindset, whereas if we all draw our circles a bit bigger, we start to realize there really is always enough to go around, and we can enter an abundance mindset that seeks to share what we have with others, out of the pure joy of knowing we are all one, that when we help others, we help ourselves. When we love others, we love ourselves.


Pisces also rules the lymphatic system, and Venus seeks to bring harmony wherever she travels, so paying attention to how the fluids are being moved through your body, getting enough exercise, staying hydrated and focusing on the wholeness of your organism can give you a nice lift depending on how you’ve been feeling. Venus in Pisces specifically can link to issues with blood sugar, so making sure you’re in balance with what you’re eating, especially if you’re feeling super activated but leaving little time to eat properly, blood sugar spikes and crashes are a very real thing that can definitely deplete you if you’ve overworking yourself. It’s okay to slow down and let things come to you, even while you are energetically pushing forward with the Spring energy of creation. Pisces also rules the feet, so reflexology may be a nice thing to gift yourself if you know you’re needing some more self-care! The North Node is still in Cancer people, so self-care and self-love is a must, always, but especially right now.


Speaking of that, Cancer rules the stomach, so paying special attention to how you are feeding yourself, both physically and on the soul level. How is the work you’re doing in the world (South Node in Capricorn) feeding your soul? How are you literally eating? Your stomach will let you know if it’s not working for you, and typically the physical mirrors much of the spiritual, so you know if you’re not feeding yourself well physically, there may not be proper spiritual nourishment as well. They usually go hand in hand, as when we’re too hurried to eat well, as we really taking the time we need to nourish our spirit? Food for thought. 


Having a full moon ring us in to the natural new year of the zodiac reminds us to stay connected with our relationships while we forge ahead on our personal path. We can find much support by staying close to others, and even though we all have our own journey, we know the fruits of our work is best tasting when shared with others, so include others where and how you can in your journey.


Be open to communicating about your projects, about what inspires you. You may find that others are also seeking someone to share about their dreams. Really, we all just want to be able to tell our story, at least to someone, so be willing to listen as well. Be willing to see both sides of the story. Be willing to open yourself up to others and be present, and notice the benefits that it also has for your own creative journey.


So, to summarize:Look at where you have Aries and Libra in your chart to see what is being most strongly illuminated within you this full moon and into the new season. Take a look at how you are feeding and nourishing yourself, and make a new plan if necessary. Ask for help if you need it, that’s why I’m here and others like me. 


Wishing you all well friends! Until next time, namaste!

Nura Rachelle

Evolutionary Astrologer, focused on Healing the Feminine & Reclaiming Sovereignty