Sagittarius Season

The Sun enters Sagittarius Thursday November 22nd, 1:02am PST. This is perfect, because Thursday is Jupiter day, Jueves, Jeudi, Jove’s day. Thursdays are also known to be lucky, as is Sagittarius. But what exactly is luck?


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Luck can mean many things, but at the very least, through the lens of the law of attraction, we can say that Sagittarians create their own luck by being aligned with the highest vision for their future. They know what they want, they have their eye on the prize, and they simply trust and move forward toward that goal, sometimes stumbling a few times along the way in their optimistic and enthusiastic fervor, but always shooting for the stars, and perhaps landing somewhere close to the moon. It may not be where the Sagittarius thought they were going in the beginning, but now they’re here, and they might as well enjoy where they landed. This ability to enjoy the process of growth, transformation, traveling, the journey, this is what gives the Sagittarius luck, because of their ability to tune into the positive that is within every situation.


Sagittarius is famous for trying to give everything meaning, especially the things that are hardest to understand as to why they would happen. Why did we break up? Well things just weren’t meant to be. I was meant to find my Truth and it wasn’t with that person. Why did my aunt just die? Because she found completion in her mission here on Earth, and was ready to transcend into the next phase of her evolution. Why does everyone disagree on politics? Why are we destroying the Earth? Why aren’t we loving ourselves and others as best we can? Because as a collective we are disconnected from natural law, and we need to show ourselves just how far we’ve strayed so that we can make conscious choices to realign. 


This is the pattern for Sagittarius. Asking why, and finding an answer that satisfies the highest form of meaning we can comprehend. This leads into some of the shadow and illuminated aspects of Sagittarius, as we can all experience the range at different times and different situations in our lives. 


Shadow Sagittarius:


Shadow Sagittarius has found an answer to a question, and now believes it is his God given right and duty to make everyone else agree with him. This is dogma. This is arrogance. This is someone still on the path of discovering the fullness of the journey toward Truth, and needing to learn that the path is wide, and it is also not their job to decide what is Truth for all people. This is someone who is working through to heal the shadow elements of Sagittarius within themselves.


Illuminated Sagittarius:


Illuminated Sagittarius has discovered that they cannot know the answer to every question. That it is the search itself that brings wisdom, and it is also in the healthy incorporation of its opposite sign Gemini, the understanding of the relativity of Truth, and all the different perspectives that give life its richness, and give space for each of us to explore Truth and Knowledge in each of our own ways. This integration of Sagittarius/Gemini is what the Full Moon in Gemini illuminates within us. How are we doing with the integration of truth in our experience, and how does this link with the other people in our lives? Don Miguel Ruiz, author of the 4 Agreements and many more books of wisdom says:


“In our development, as we grow throughout our lives, the structure of our beliefs becomes very complicated, and we make it even more complicated because we make the assumption that what we believe is the absolute truth.”


Here is a fallacy that shapes the experience of shadow Sagittarius. It’s when we learn to let go of our hold that we have all the answers about our own life, our own experience, and that of the world, that we actually let in more light of wisdom from the Divine. Sagittarius being a natural square to Pisces highlights this relationship of seeking Truth, and yet needing to always remember that there is a Oneness, a level of Consciousness that goes way beyond what we can put into words. It’s the acknowledgement of this that can bring heightened Sagittarian wisdom. Another thing he says, is that:


“We never stop to consider that our beliefs are only a relative truth that’s always going to be distorted by all the knowledge we have stored in our memory.”


What we believe is actually constantly changing, as is the nature of mutable signs. We are constantly adapting to new information, and comparing this with information from our memories. This is what gives mutable signs their energy of spiraling and always moving, because we are always in a constant flow of receiving and disseminating information, and therefore needing to shift our perspectives. It’s only when we get attached to a certain viewpoint that we can find frustration within ourselves, because we don’t like cognitive dissonance. We want certainty. We want the answer. But the answer is always changing, isn’t it?


This is where we also learn to dance in the duality of truth and lies. Gemini and Sagittarius represent the axis of Truth, and therefore of course involve the overcoming of lies, the releasing of perspectives that are not true and can cause harm. And like we know after a year of Jupiter in Scorpio, coming out of a Venus Scorpio Rx season, which she’s still in her post-shadow period by the way, lies hurt.


The revealing of lies brings up all sorts of wounding based around our need to trust in life, to trust in people, to trust in ourselves. It can be challenging to trust, or to know what voices to trust, when we are surrounded by many lies an deception. Neptune is still Rx in Pisces too, and Neptune can bring our attention to where we are being deceived, and how, and what the process might be like to bring upon disillusionment. Disillusionment is the process of letting go of illusions. And this involves the surfacing of all the lies we’ve told ourselves, and that others have told us. Another quote from Don Miguel Ruiz:


 “You know that if you lie to yourself, surely other people lie to themselves. And If they lie to themselves, they will lie to you also”.


So, what do we do with this? This can be maddening if we just leave it there. It would be like me taking you down into the valley of deception and confusion and just leaving you there, which I won’t do. But it is a real place that we go to, and often when we are on a journey of exploration. So, the final word of wisdom from Don Miguel is to:


“Be skeptical, but learn to listen”.


We don’t want to shut off our faculties of listening to others, opening up to others, trusting others, or trusting in ourselves. We require human connection. And we communicate. This is where we can learn to master the art of communication with others. One of my favourite sayings that my aunt always used to say to me was: Every problem is communication. Every solution is communication. Spoken like a true Sagittarius Sun Libra Moon diplomat. She was also a principal of an elementary school, so you can imagine the issues of lies and deceit and trickery that she had to deal with from the kids. But what she said always stuck with me, and made it possible for me to deal with my own back and forth in communication. In understanding that we are all dealing with these issues. We are all in some way on a journey toward finding truth. Some of us just get comfortable and hang out somewhere on the path, and from there start preaching that that is the best place to stay, and that everyone should stay there with them. And that’s okay. We wave and smile at our fellow human travelers, and if it resonates with us to stay there with them for a while, let’s do it.


When it’s time to go our own way, we can do that too, trusting that there will always be more to explore, more to open ourselves to, more to experience. And thus, the cycle continues, and it will always continue. When you feel that we’ve discovered ultimate or absolute truth, you halt your own journey, and are caught up in a fallacy that sure, maybe you need to explore for a while, but it’s so important to know that you can always choose to just get up and starting walking somewhere else on the path, and that you will run into another element of natural law, another facet of the truth of oneness, another page in the story to sit with and take in its meaning and value.


So, let’s look at some of the transits, and the overall themes coming up this Sagittarius season:


Full Moon in Gemini on the same day of the ingress of the Sun, Nov 22nd, 9:39pm PST.Like I said before, this will be a great time to explore your current lens that you’re using to understand yourself, your situation you may be in, your relationships, your choices, and so on. Where can you perhaps find more innocence on your path, less attachment, less resistance and more connection with the wisdom of your own truth, while not discounting that of anyone else’s.


Saturn leaves Rx zone December 12th. (That’s my birthday!)  Leaving the retrograde zone is just coming out of the degree points that he had entered retrograde during the summer. So now that he’s all steam ahead again, we can really feel confident in what we are building, whatever we’re project we’re working on, that it’s time to move forward with it. Any doubts that came up during the post retrograde shadow are hopefully and likely resolved, and you can move forward with confidence. Remember, Saturn loves a project. If you feel that you are overly immersed in experiences of limitation or general stuckness, you can use the energy of Saturn in Capricorn to simply start a new project, something that you can continue to build on long-term. It will re-direct and re-focus the energy in a new direction that is more conscious, and more intentional, which is always good.


Venus leaves Rx zone December 17th at 10˚50’ Scorpio. This has been a powerful time for exposing anything hidden in relationships, and all for the best, for the purposes of transformation, growth, and becoming more aligned with our soul level desires. We’ve been working through some of our darkest patterns that come up in relationships, and particularly you have Venus and Scorpio in your chart, the relationships connected with that area of your life. How we set our point of attraction, and so on. So, when she leaves the Rx zone officially, again, we’ll likely feel that everything that transpired in this time is mostly resolved, on its way to a new focus, a deeper insight that we can use for the future. 


It’s been great to have this opportunity with Mercury Rx, right after Venus Rx. Mercury Rx nov 16thto December 6th, leaves Rx zone Dec 24th. Mercury is giving us time to slow down a bit mentally, and process what went on with Venus, and bringing in some of the Sagittarian optimism to help us out of the dark and slipper cavern of Scorpio.


We will also have the New Moon in Sagittarius Dec 6th 11:20pm pst, so you can already start planning ahead for your moon circle, your new patterns of connecting with Sagittarius energy in your life. I suggest writing and a lot of communication with yourself over these next few weeks, especially around the time of this New Moon, as we can get a beautiful emotional reset, more in alignment with our truth, and less with the preoccupation of the lies that have just been revealed in our lives.


Neptune stations direct November 24th, 5:08pm PST, just 2 days into Sagittarius season, and again, this will be a time to release any illusions that have kept us almost wanting to be deceived. Sometimes we think it will be easier if we just don’t know the patterns going on under the surface, but the truth has to come out some time, and we have to be willing to face it with clarity, and knowing that the Divine has us supported and held, always, especially when we don’t understand why something is happening. When Neptune stations direct, we can really come out of the place of “what the F just happened?” and move more into “okay and what now?” and “how can I align with Spirit in the process moving forward”?


Mars also conjuncts Neptune Dec 7th, 2018, 5:41am pst, bringing energy to this process of aligning with Spirit and releasing resistance to our highest path. Mars is in Pisces until December 31st, really helping us to integrate and tie together all the loose ends of what we’ve created this year. Taking just about 2 years to get through each of the signs, Mars in Pisces won’t be felt again until May 2020. So we can really bring our attention to activating Pisces healing energy in our lives, especially as Mars will also conjunct Chiron at the end of December too. So you can already start thinking about those New Year’s resolutions, and how they can link to your healing journey.


We’ve also just had the Lunar Node shift into Cancer/Capricorn, Nov 6 – May 2020. This is a big one for redirecting our energies more inward, into a yin space, after a year and a half of yang. We’re reconnecting with self-love, self-nurturing, parenting ourselves, healing any wounds related to self-security or being able to show up fully as we are, open to receive love from others, working through any issues of codependency, and not putting up walls, figuratively, or literally. 


To aid us in the search for truth and justice we have Jupiter in Sagittarius, November 8th– December 2019. Jupiter stays in each sign for about a year, and therefore every 12 years comes back to the same sign. Happy Jupiter return for those of you around the ages of 24, 36, 48, 60 and so on. May your consciousness expand in awareness, joy and love. For all of us, this is a great time to call in optimism. Enthusiasm. Finding joy on the path of evolution. Jupiter likes to bring gifts, and when he’s wearing the outfit of his own sign, his gifts are big, and truth-focused, so we have a lot of good things to look forward to. And really, it’s that general perspective, that we do have good things going on in our lives that can really save us, that can help us to move forward, even if things are hard sometimes. We can all take a page out of the Sagittarian book of creating our own luck, simply through attracting positivity, by being positive.


So, there you have it, some of the visions for healing, growing and expanding this Sagittarius season.


Your homework: Look at where you have Sagittarius in your chart, to see what the Sun is illuminating for you this month. Of course, if you want to deepen this understanding, let’s connect for a reading, or you can also check out my courses available online. Wishing you all the best in your journey of expansion and being a witness of Truth and beauty, this day, and every day.




Nura Rachelle

Evolutionary Astrologer, focused on Healing the Feminine & Reclaiming Sovereignty