Scorpio Season 2018

The Sun moves into Scorpio October 23rd, 6:23am CDT. Scorpio can bring up a lot of what triggers us, but all in the name of finding a deeper truth, what is closest to our soul level desires. For me, that’s what this whole astrology thing is all about. How to align consciously with the soul, which requires getting to know what we’re all about, and why we came here. And how to move through the sacred spiral dance we call the seasons.


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So now we’re one month into fall. Here in Mexico the clocks fall back one hour on the last Sunday of October, heralding in some true autumn vibes. In the US and Canada, it’s Sunday, November 4th, so a week later. I know already in Canada they’ve had Thanksgiving, always around the beginning of October, and yet for the US it’s the end of November. Right in the middle, we’ve got Halloween coming up, and Day of the Deadhere in Mexico, and of course, sacred Samhain, signaling the “darker half” of the year, with this festival rooted in the Celtic traditions honouring the “summer’s end”, and celebrating the harvest. So here we are again. For many, this is a favourite time of the year, myself included. I feel a bit biased because I probably say that also around my birthday, and also just when I’m really vibing with the energies, but we can have more than one favourite season, right?


So, as we shift from Libra to Scorpio, what have we learned from Libra season about navigating relationships? About our own patterns of relating? What happens after we make that intellectual commitment to someone or something in Libra season, to then move into a deeper relationship in Scorpio, where we are literally merging with that thing or that person or those people? It becomes less of an intellectual commitment, and more of an emotional, heart wrenching, power reclaiming, soul stirring, fluids interacting type of commitment. We really need to take what we’ve learned about ourselves and others in the Libra season, and take it as our base or our foundation before moving into Scorpio season. 


This one feels especially potent as well, with Venus Retrograde in Scorpio just days before the Sun ingresses Scorpio. They will meet in the middle at an exact conjunction October 26th, 3 days into Scorpio season at 3˚. Venus being only ever 1-2 signs ahead or behind the Sun, surprisingly does not form an exact conjunction all too often. The next time Venus will conjunct the Sun will be August of 2019, in Leo, almost ¾ through the cycle again. So, take this time of Venus and the Sun uniting as the blessing that it is. 


Those of you who know about planets conjunct the Sun, otherwise known as within 17˚ called being ‘under the sunbeams’, within 8˚ being ‘combust’, or at exact conjunction, being ‘cazimi’. The general idea behind all three of these conditions is that the Sun overpowers completely that of the conjuncting planet, in this case, Venus. 


We also know that Venus is Retrograde, pointing the energy inward, to reflect on how to use our Venusian energy of attraction in new ways that are more in alignment with our true being. So, the idea that the Sun will weaken the effect of Venus retrograde in Scorpio, perhaps restricting her power and strength, to me, signals a true time of death to a part of ourselves. A part, mind you, that is ready to die and has been for a long time. 


The Sun also represents our vital life force energy, that which informs our purpose, our individuality, our ego, our way of moving through life with drive and passion, our Spirit. If we trust in our connection to the Divine, in our own divinity, in the power of our own inner beings, there is really nothing to be afraid of in dying to an old version of self, or dying to an old pattern of relating. If we add this to the general story behind the Scorpio archetype, already being so linked with this concept of death and rebirth, we know that we are always better, always purified, always closer to what we really want, which is utter and complete merging with our true nature. That’s what’s being offered here. 


It’s like the Sun will burn away everything that is in the way of us getting what we want, attracting our truest desires. So, this also means, burning away any illusions or falsities about how we attract what we want in our lives. Perhaps this will also burn away any false pretenses in relationships, or any lies our ego is telling us to keep us separate from what truly aligns us always, which is love. So, whatever your journey right now, this is really a time of many blessings, deep transformations, powerful insights, and manifesting more aligned points of attraction as we take a deep breath and dive deeper into the unknown mysteries of Scorpio season.


It’s almost like as we build up to a major point of release, especially one that’s been building up over the course of a year with Jupiter in Scorpio, maybe a couple years for some of us…. You know how it goes… there becomes a point right when you’re about to give up, where perhaps you do give up, truly, actually surrendering, and then, something magical happens, and all of a sudden there’s that opening you’ve been craving. It’s like it comes as soon as you stop grasping for it, or you receive exactly what you need as soon as you stop struggling for it. Struggling through a problem or a situation for your life, where your ego feels like there is no way out.


For my Harry Potter fans out there, yes, this is just like what happened in Harry Potter 1 when Ron, Harry and Hermione got stuck in the ‘Devil’s Snare’ that only tightened around them as they struggled. It was only in letting go, and relaxing, that the Devil’s Snare brought them to their desired destination, unlocking further clues in their journey. 


This really brings up the relationship between both Scorpio and Pisces, 2 of our water signs. We know Scorpio’s been a big player this year, and Pisces has been pretty strong with Neptune occupying the middle degrees, and currently retrograde, pulling us deeper into that surrender, pulling us closer in alignment. 


We really need to pause for a moment, take in the whole scene, and remember too that Uranus is also strongly involved in this story, being retrograde at 0˚ of Taurus, in opposition to Venus now already, and about to pass over this point twice more through Venus’ Rx and direct period.


The axis of Taurus/Scorpio brings up powerful movements of energy regarding our resources, our values, our sense of safety, security, power, and also the very fine line between life and death, and what this has to do with letting stagnant parts of ourselves meet their end. Letting the ego be defeated by a higher power if you will. And get ready for the caveat…


I’m not saying that the ego is bad or that it needs to be slain like some evil dragon. Really, we need to tell our ego that we love it more often, truly, every day. But sometimes the ego, the part of us that so strongly seeks to keep us safe needs to feel defeated, & needs to be reminded of the fact that we are not bigger than love, and love is not bigger than us. This maturation process of our ego brings up lessons that point us closer in the direction of what we truly value, or what we really want, which for all beings, is really just to love and be loved. Sometimes, our ego thinks that what we really want is to control everything. Or to be safe. Or to know everything that’s going to happen to us in the future. Arguably, our ego can actually complicate things to the point of making more of a mess, albeit from a place of good intentions. Really, we just want to be vibrating in all directions at the frequency of love or above.


There is a mantra I heard that states “we are not bigger than love, and love is not bigger than us”. It’s from Matt Kahn, a spiritual teacher who I highly suggest that you check out when you need some new perspective on your life. You won’t regret it. Also, if you’re not already turned on to Abraham Hicks, I highly suggest listening to some of their talks as well when you need some inspiration, and a reminder that “we never get it done, and we can’t get it wrong”. This one links even further to the Sufi proverb that “what is essential is never lost”. So even if certain parts of our ego structure have to die in order to be reborn more closely aligned with our true values, we know that since what is essential is never lost, what needs to stay will always stay. What needs to go will always go. And so, trust the process. In Scorpio season, all of us are learning some deeper aspect of how to trust in our process of regeneration.


These simple lessons can completely change our perspective, which changes our entire lives. This being the theme of Scorpio season – change – is most easily passed through our systems when we are in a point of clarity, which sometimes requires a certain degree of emptiness that Scorpio can bring us. It’s like the emptying of the vessel before you fill it with the light of truth that comes in Sagittarius season. It’s like draining out old bath water, but of course, don’t throw yourself out with that bath water. And know that even if you tried, you really couldn’t, because what is essential is never lost. And you are essential. Your beingness is essential. The light of your consciousness is essential. Knowing this simple truth through any type of struggle, and acting from this place of awareness, is what it means to trust your process. 


On the physical level, Scorpio season is one of the most ideal times of year for clarifying our eating and exercise habits, as the process of elimination and regeneration is ruled by Scorpio. Virgo has a part to play in detoxifying our lives as well, but Scorpio’s method can be a bit more drastic if the necessary purging or cleansing is put off too long. So, if there’s anywhere in your life that you’re allowing a toxic build up, know that Scorpio season offers a strength of renewal if you are willing to align with that process. Meaning, eat well. Treat your body well. Grow your awareness on how the food you eat makes you feel. Drink enough water. Honour your sex drive, whatever the levels may be. Know that you do have power and control over your own choices, even if you don’t control the other people in your life.


Some herbs that are associated with Scorpio are sage, which helps dry up any excess liquid, so if you’re breastfeeding sage is contraindicated. Another good one is coriander, again helping with the digestive process, keeping us free of toxins and the whole system flowing smoothly. Nettle is another good one, that is a nourishing tonic, cleanses the blood, helps reduce inflammation, again, supporting in the process of eliminating. My absolute favourite Scorpio herb is basil. Supportive of relieving inflammation, cleansing from any beings that are unwanted, physically in your body or energetically in your space, and not to mention, tastes amazing. So, try some of those out if you’re wanting to align your physical choices with your mental, emotional and spiritual choices this season.


You can also practice deepening your ability to be intimate with yourself and with others. You can do this through practicing eye gazing techniques, or by simply spending time with those you love, being present with them and sharing your energy. Notice how in each of your close relationships, there is the potential for merging together, and becoming something different than what either of you would be on your own. Scorpio rules the process of osmosis, and transmutation, and this happens by engaging energetically with another being outside of yourself, whether this is a person, a place, an idea, a belief system.


We become that which we spend a lot of time with, so spend some time honouring those who you value most. It’s also a great time to open up to being vulnerable, and I like to call it conscious vulnerability, as this way everything we are sharing is intentional and shared with presence. Nothing is simply “dumped” onto others, and we don’t need to manipulate others to get our needs met. We can simply ask for the attention of others, which requires both bravery and conscious awareness of both yourself and the other person or people involved with you.


All too often we may find ourselves needing to connect with someone, and we won’t because of the fear of being rejected, or the fear of “being too much” for someone to handle, or the fear of “laying too much heaviness on them”, or “dumping on them”. Often, we feel this way because we ourselves are afraid of going into our own shadow, or allowing ourselves to feel vulnerable even on our own. So, we know we need that connection, we know we need to open up, and then after repressing it for too long, we just decide to force ourselves upon others with our needs or perhaps unleash our emotions, feeling out of control, and then we feel shame about sharing how we felt, even though it needed to be shared in some way.


This is what we call a vicious circle! Where we hide what we feel for fear of being wrong in some way about what we feel, and then when we can’t hide it any longer and it comes out in a way less than preferred, we feel ashamed of ourselves, and think, well, that’s why I don’t share what I feel, because look what a mess it makes. Sometimes when we get into Scorpio territory, we can feel like it’s black or white, all of nothing. Either be completely open and intimate all the time, or never open up or trust.


There are a lot of “always” and “nevers” when we’re moving through the Scorpio journey. What we have to understand is that we have these emotional guidance systems that show us whether we’re in alignment with our inner being or not. And we also came to this Earth to heal and clear certain vibrations so that we can let it flow in a healthy way. Again, here we are, coming back to the element of trusting our process, of reaching out to others, and then leaning in. Allowing ourselves to be vulnerable. To know that being vulnerable brings us to some of the most intense experiences of feeling alive. 


So, we’ve got the Sun/Venus cazimi in Scorpio. That’s a big one. A powerful journey through the fiery, intimate flames of transformation, transmutation, transcendence. As we continue to move through Scorpio season, we will have Mercury joining Jupiter in the final degrees of Scorpio October 29th, bringing logic and intuition together as we master the art of intimacy. This is also the same day that Mercury enters his retrograde pre-shadow, so really start to pay attention to the quality of your thoughts around this time and over the coming month and a half.


Depending on where you will have this Mercury/Jupiter conjunction in your chart, expect to meet a teacher, whether in yourself or in another, human or otherwise, who can show you how to master the art of intimacy, and reclaiming your power, while still being open to share it and expand it with others. Expect to find a renewal of logical, thoughtful strategy (Mercury), that is more in alignment with natural law, truth, intuition, and the expansion of your consciousness (Jupiter). It’s great when Mercury and Jupiter come together to share their ideas and perspectives. Especially in the sign of Scorpio, bringing this new awareness to how we approach issues of power and intimacy, trust and transformation.


So that’s happening at the end of October, just before Mercury enters Sagittarius October 30th (11:39 pm CDT). We’ll talk more about the upcoming Mercury retrograde in the next video for Sagittarius season next month, but be aware, the 3rd and final wave of Mercury retrograde is coming for the year, in the final fire sign. 


Speaking of retrograding planets, Venus Rx moves back into Libra October 31st 2:41pm CDT. So, these few final days of October are truly action packed. My mom is coming to visit me that week, and it happens to be Halloween, or Samhain (sah-win), or Day of the Dead as we celebrate in Mexico, so the same time the veils between all the spiritual dimensions are lifting, so it should be an exciting week for me, and for you as well. A great time for reaching out and leaning in.


Another big shift we’ll have in the midst of this Scorpio season is the nodal shift. We currently have the North and South Node at the final degrees of Leo and Aquarius before they shift into Cancer/Capricorn. Nodes in the final degree before shifting into the next represent a massive karmic rite of passage. We are collectively completing any finished business we have with our Leo/Aquarius karma (for this round of the sacred spiral at least), and moving into a deepening with Cancer/Capricorn. 


With Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn over the next year and a half as well, we can bank on pulling in a lot of deconditioning from the past and all the different kinds of Capricorn lessons inherent in this stage. I’ll share more about this in the next video and you’ll hear me talking about it a lot over the next year and a half, as the nodes occupy these signs for roughly 18 months. A little nugget I can give you now though, it has to do with identity. Knowing ourselves at a core emotional level, and being able to express it out in the world, contributing our authentic offerings to the world, letting what we do out in the world feed our soul, and really becoming our own best friends, and all the self-love and self-care tips and strategies that the journey entails. 


So, a lot to digest this Scorpio season, and a lot of changes to flow with, but I know you’ve got this. Remember that we are born, naturally, in the state of trust. That our true essence trusts. That as we go through a journey of purging, releasing, perhaps dying in certain ways, that what is essential is never lost. You only have everything to gain. 


May you walk in trust, beauty and love this Scorpio season. If you want to learn more about how to read your own chart, or the charts of those you are most intimate with, I invite you to check out my astrology courses, that you can find on my website at I encourage any questions, comments or curiousities, so please share what resonates with you. Until our paths cross again… 

Nura Rachelle

Evolutionary Astrologer, focused on Healing the Feminine & Reclaiming Sovereignty