Redefining the "Spiritual Path" - Old World to New Awakening

"Spirituality" as a concept has certainly changed over time, even throughout the brief blink of time that I’ve personally been alive. We’ve collectively moved from spirituality as somewhat of an escape from a challenging arduous physical existence (working in the fields, always on the edge of poverty, wondering if we would be killed in a raid by another clan or tribe, wars, famines, etc). Life used to be rather hard as a human, at least in the past couple thousand years, and collectively we agreed to let spirituality/religion/mass/living in a convent/monastery be a sort of refuge from the pain and difficulty of the physical human life. With those kinds of conditions, it makes sense that we thought that way at least on one level about the spiritual path, and we've let some of those ideas trickle in to our contemporary perspective. This is dangerous in my opinion, because it leads some people to believe that spirituality is a waste of time, or "only for Christians, etc" or for people who are "lazy and don't want to participate in life", I could go on but you get the idea....


With that sort of gruelling physical human history in mind, it makes sense that many people still cling to that idea of being an escapist, or using their spiritual path as a way “out” of the world. It’s important to remember though, that we chose to come here, in the here and now, and that there is something we wanted to do, experience or create here, being of service to a Divine plan. That’s really the part that hasn’t changed very much. We’ve always believed that there was some sort of Divine plan, although we used to view it from the perspective that we were “sinners” and had to earn our way out of the torture of human existence, following the Divine plan that inevitably led to our suffering.


That was the Old Way... Now that it is safer than ever to be human (we have more individual freedom, access to information, etc), even though we still have wars, famine, and major physical responsibilities living on this planet, we definitely need to shift out of the idea that spirituality is a means of escapism. It’s definitely a way to find peace and balance in the physical world, but we need to face the fact that we still live in a physical universe, on this globe of over 7 million people, working together to support each other’s growth and evolution in this physical reality. It's not escapism to remember why you're here. It's not escapism to become aware of and tap into your power and potential. It's not escapism to be self-actualized and fulfilling your Life Purpose!


As an astrologer, I can see the multitudes of challenges that we face collectively and as individuals in our daily lives, but I can also see the potential for the evolution of our consciousness, and it seems like it is easier today than it ever has been, or at least in a very long time. We are waking up hard and fast, and its important to get grounded in our Truth so that we don’t spiral out of control with intense awakening. Let’s just say we have a lot of energy coming at us and emerging from within us that allows us to be more psychic than ever, be more tapped in to the awareness of the universe than ever, but most of us also have not spent our lives learning the necessary skills and proper use of our spiritual power. It's time to learn what tapping into our spiritual path really means for us!


By looking at your chart, you can see how it is you need to learn to open up to your power, as well as the what, where, when and why. The why is so important, as this is your reason for living - your life purpose! Everyone’s spiritual path looks completely different, and we all have our own special proclivities for connecting with the Divine. Some choose to have a more subtle experience than others. Some want to dive right in. We are always connected, even if we don't think we are. That's the beauty of it.


As a collective, we need to respect that everyone has their own way of connecting to Source.  Collectively we are opening up to this more, especially since Neptune has been in Pisces, reminding us of our Oneness, tearing down the illusions that we’ve come to call truth.  As we continue to step out of collective illusions of our reality, we open up to the beauty, support, and complete fulfillment that is brought to us when we connect with the Divine plan. When life feels out of control, or chaotic, we have to remember the Piscean wisdom that everything is always in Divine Order. As we raise our frequencies, we can step into that awareness, that love, and that peace of mind that is always available to us.


With immense gratitude and appreciation of your unique purpose,


Nura Rachelle

Evolutionary Astrologer, focused on Healing the Feminine & Reclaiming Sovereignty