How to Connect with your Planetary Wisdom + a Meditation practice

             Studying the spiritual science & art of astrology for over 10 years has truly opened me. Opened my mind, in the way that I have made endless connections between how everything in life is deeply intertwined, but also there has been a great opening of my heart that has completely shifted the way I perceive myself, those I love, & my every day situations!

  Bless the Age of Aquarius. Here we are at the precipice of the age of information, where we now (again) have access to knowledge that has been hidden or inaccessible to the public for centuries. We have every opportunity to learn whatever calls to us at any time, & we can take advantage of so much ancient wisdom, like what has been discovered through the science & art of astrology.


              The benefits to our spiritual practice are endless, & by spiritual, I just mean a way of wholistic living where you see yourself as connected with everything around you. The hard part though, is how to make use of this mass of information in a way that is authentic & inspiring. So let’s tap into some ways you can make astrology work for you in your daily life.


              For everything there is a season, there is a rhythm, there is a cycle, & we are all completely connected to that cycle at all times. Taking that basic foundation, we can learn to attune ourselves to the natural rhythms of the planets. The planets are always moving, always communicating with one another, & with us.


            The most obvious way to tap into these rhythms is to connect with the Moon cycles, & if you are a woman, this can be very affirming of your natural rhythms. All people benefit from tuning in to the Moon’s majesty, her ebb & flow, her magic. Every New Moon, we are looking at opening ourselves to release anything that no longer serves us, & simultaneously open to receive what is new & being seeded in our lives.


             Conversely, each Full Moon brings us to the apex of what we are creating, reminding us to celebrate what we are manifesting, & begin the process of letting go to prepare for the next cycle. Having some basic knowledge about each sign & how the Moon & other planets cycle through each month can give you a basic understanding of what you can expect to come up from within you.


             Simply being aware of your own chart & where each sign corresponds in all the areas of your life is extremely empowering. With any planetary transit, you can check where that planet is transiting in your chart, & open up to receive its information, blessing, & archetypal wisdom.


           Remember, we all have every sign in our chart, & every planet has its own language that we communicate through how they are placed in our chart. The planets do not “make us” do or feel anything. They are simply representations of what is going on inside us & in the world we live in.


            Most of what we can learn about ourselves through studying our natal chart is about personal affirmation. Most of the time we are already aware of our tendencies, major issues & challenges, as well as what we generally want in our lives. What most people tend to overlook, however, is their strengths, gifts & purpose in life. This is also why most people turn to astrology in the first place, to find how to more deeply connect with their Higher Self Wisdom.


            You can tune into this Higher Self Wisdom in many ways, through meditation, & connecting more deeply with your intuition & inner voice. It’s helpful though to realize that we literally left ourselves a star-map that shows us how we can use our gifts, talents & strengths to overcome any perceived weaknesses or challenges that come up in our lives. It’s also extremely healing & rewarding to see that every impulse, desire & circumstance in your life has a purpose, & that you can completely make choices on how to use these energies to your highest benefit. Combining our intuitive efforts with a well-integrated archetypal system that helps us to see our patterns gives us a well-rounded system of knowledge that we can use in our everyday choices.


            When pondering your natal chart, remember that it is something you chose, & from there, remember that there is always choice. You can choose to align with the highest vibrations of who you are. You can realize that you came here for a reason, with a special soul mission & life purpose. You can learn to accept & unconditionally love who you are, & more fully connect with what you came here to do. Remember, the underlying reason you came here is to be happy. You are here discovering what happiness means for you.


A meditation for connecting to your personal planetary wisdom (you can do this every day in under 10 minutes!):


Sit quietly in a sacred space of your choosing. Keep a notebook beside you for any journaling you are inspired to do during your meditation. Be open to receive information from your Higher Self. Begin by choosing a planet, for example, Mars. Breathe into what Mars energy looks like & feels like to you. If you know your Mars sign, take this a step further & imagine what the archetype of your Mars looks like & acts like. How does this aspect of you take action? What does he or she look like? Is their energy fast or slow, impulsive or deliberate, confident or unsure? Is there something this part of you needs support with? Is there anything this part of you wants you to know right now? Keep breathing into this natural flow of conversation with yourself, & trust whatever comes up is what you needed to hear or see at this time. The more you practice this, the more you will find is communicated with you via this channel of Higher Self Wisdom. You can meditate in this way to understand your natal chart, as well as feeling into current transits & how they are being represented in your life.



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Nura Rachelle

Evolutionary Astrologer, focused on Healing the Feminine & Reclaiming Sovereignty