We, the All-Powerful Creators of Time

You know that feeling that starts to come over you of push and pull when it comes to doing what you think you SHOULD be doing? The things you feel are necessary for living your purpose, for growing your foundation for success, for living your dreams?

It’s like this dance where you want to go fast, push forward, and tick off all the things on your super-mega-important-special To-Do list, that  of course are, oh so urgent. But then it seems that your life circumstances are forcing you to go slowly, to take care of seemingly menial tasks that you may feel belittle your creative genius, like cleaning the house, heck, cleaning yourself, washing the dog, killing all of the ridiculously resilient dandelions in your yard that just aren’t getting the hint, and you start to feel frustrated that you will never indeed make progress or build on your important creative goals because there simply isn’t enough time. We’ve all been there, and I suspect that as we creep right into this retrograde season (Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and soon Pluto retrograde), that I won’t be the only one cursing the ever-ticking hand of time that seems to own my life.

Well, my friends, this above-mentioned idea of time simply isn’t true. My clock does not own me. Time does not rule supreme in my universe. In fact, it doesn’t rule you either, or anyone for that matter. Sometimes I think we all need a friendly reminder that it is us human beings who create time. In these moments of seemingly jumbled and scattered energies that we collectively can relate to during retrograde season, I have to remember that the source of my power in this moment, and every moment onward, is remembering that I am the creator of time.


It’s as simple as that. We all create time. We are where time comes from. I take this belief-challenging notion from Gay Hendrick’s book, The Big Leap, where he talks about the difference between Newtonian time and Einstein time. As a society, we tend to stick on the Newtonian understanding of time as linear & finite. In that sense, there is never enough time, time is always running out, and therefore we have to spend it wisely, like money. It’s a theory based on scarcity, as though we may never have enough time to do all the things we are called to do in this life. Sort of limiting. Meh. 


 Over time, we’ve come to dismiss a few other of Newton’s theories as inferior or incomplete to those of Einstein’s (take gravity for example). When it comes to time, we cling to Newton’s perspective, which is rather uninspiring and disempowering in my opinion. I prefer the empowering stance posited by Einstein that time is an illusion, it is relative, flexible, and ultimately, reality is timeless.  As part of a community that is growing in consciousness, this theory fits in perfectly. I create time; I am where time comes from.


This allows me to release any worries that I am not doing enough right now, or getting things done according to some rigorous timeline (according to who’s standard? which is also likely based on illusory external expectations when I get really down to it…)  but I have to come to a place within my self of remembering a simple fact of evolution, especially when it comes to "figuring it all out", or "being done growing/learning/evolving (you fill in the blank)"… the truth is, we are never done, and we can’t get it wrong (Abraham Hicks). So, there’s no point in worrying about if I’ve got it all done right now or not. 


That’s one piece of the puzzle, but the other is that I can absolutely take control of what I put my time into. It doesn’t have to be a dichotomy where things you enjoy doing fly by and things you hate doing seem to drag on forever. We can transcend this model, and it comes down to making empowered choices, and getting into a new, expanded mindset. Sure things will come up that you don’t necessarily want to do, like go to the dentist, clean your baby's poopy diaper, wait in traffic, be stuck in a boring meeting, etc, but I think when it comes to building our lives from a place of creativity, there’s a lot more that is actually in our control (such as the time we make to commit to our purpose & path of learning, consciously evolving & creating). Our attitude, mindset, our purposeful connection to being in our unique flow where we are creators, and our acknowledgement of our innate power as spiritual beings living a physical existence can go a long way when it comes to sifting through our priorities this retrograde season.

Screen Shot 2019-02-27 at 9.15.18 PM.png


Rather than saying you'll take some time from the limited sliced pie of the 12 hour clock to do something today, how about you make some time that is fluid, flexible, & transcendent to go do something with love, joy, & appreciation. Happy retrograde season. 

Nura Rachelle

Evolutionary Astrologer, focused on Healing the Feminine & Reclaiming Sovereignty