Want to Evolve? Use Your Squares & Oppositions!

We’ve got our conjunctions, oppositions, trines, sextiles and squares. These are our major aspects, and they generally show us what our opportunities are, our talents, our challenges, and how our personal explorations result in the application of creative ideas that will likely bring us closer along on our path to living out our purpose.


I really believe that we are actually always on our path, but the path is wide. We have a lot of options, and a lot of opportunities to fulfill our soul’s desires, and because of this, we also always have choices. We have the choice to enjoy the process, and we also have the choice to be unhappy and suffer.


Since we always have this choice, it’s key to remember that knowing why something is going on often helps us to choose the path that leads us to the most happiness. When we know what is going on through our personal aspects in our chart, we are better able to relate to the general patterns and transits going on every day, week, month and year.


Something I’ve noticed when exploring my own chart and the charts of my friends and other clients, is how the squares and oppositions generally cause some tension, and can be looked at initially as some sort of negative aspect of ourselves, or something we become agitated by.  But the truth is actually much brighter and more positive. We really can look at every part of our lives as something positive that leads to challenge, yes, but ultimately growth.


Growth occurs in freedom. We need to be free to explore, and also free ourselves of the negative connotations of things that appear to be challenges in our lives.  Another thing that has been useful for me and others that I’ve worked with in reading charts, is that the solution is often found in what is perceived as the problem.


For example: I have an opposition between Saturn and Chiron. Saturn is a representative of the father, authority, responsibility, and the solidifying factor of time and experience. Chiron is the wounded healer, and represents our inner wisdom and ability to heal ourselves and others. Where we have Chiron in our chart is often an area of life that we’ve been wounded in some way.


Mine is in Cancer in the 3rd house, which gives me a “wounding” in the area of home life/nurturing and the ability to communicate with my family.  Eventually, as this was something I had to spend extra time learning how to navigate, this has become one of my strengths rather than weaknesses. Now I work with youth who have similar issues, and show them ways to communicate more with their families to get what they need on a material, mental, spiritual or emotional level.


I also have Chiron in opposition to Saturn, which gives very specifically an issue with authority figures and established structure in society. For those who know me, this has been a prominent theme, and is something I’ve had to acknowledge and actually explore thoroughly in order to fully heal. Now this opposition has turned into one of my greatest strengths both personally and in helping others. These squares and oppositions are not meant to stay as tensions or negative aspects of our life, but are rather there to show us the specific ways that we can grow.


This is a common opposition for many people born in the same year as me, as Chiron is generational in its effect. Learning to understand your squares and oppositions as catapults to growth and soul evolution is paramount to a healthy level of self-love and acceptance for the fullness that we are. It is only one part of course, as there are many other aspects to our lives that make us whole, but is definitely worth the time to acknowledge.


Oppositions are an interesting aspect as they share the same modality (either cardinal, fixed, mutable) and polarity (masculine/feminine), but they differ in element (earth, air, fire, water).  With oppositions, we learn through our relationships with others. It takes two (or more!), and oppositions help us to seek out people who mirror our internal struggles so that we can grow from them. Oppositions in a chart increase our range of possibility, so really, the more you have, the more obvious opportunities for growth you have! Squares are similar to oppositions, and are said to share the energy of Saturn, meaning that they are a part of our lives that we need to deal with.


Understanding our personal squares and oppositions within our natal chart is important, but there’s also more to note: the planets have kept moving, meaning their transits are equally as important and illuminating to our current path. Our natal chart gives us the blueprint to our overall energy and life path, and the current transits show us the energies that are likely to play out in our lives as we move along our paths. In looking at oppositions and squares, we can also see that when a planet aspects a planet in our natal chart, we can see the effects and the stories playing out in our lives and also at the collective and global level.


What is your story right now? What area of your life can you focus on to bring you closer to your goals? Maybe looking directly into those areas of tension can bring you that enlightenment you’ve been searching for. ;)


Peace, love and light!



Nura Rachelle

Evolutionary Astrologer, focused on Healing the Feminine & Reclaiming Sovereignty