Your Moon Phase, and your Evolving Self-Image

The Moon represents our emotional identity, our instinctual responses, our past, our soul, our mother and our feminine energy. The Moon is our self-image, or personality in this life, and also represents the point of integration, or the stabilizing force between our past and future, our past-life self-image and our evolving self-image of this current life. The Moon also shows how we shift and change on a monthly basis, and depending on what house the moon resides in, what area of our life that shifts and changes like the tide and the monthly moon phases.  It’s the area where we need to feel emotionally connected and our happiness is directly linked.

The Moon represents that part of ourselves that we don’t generally show right away to people, and is only seen when you start to get to know people on a deeper level. Some people are more lunar than others, and some signs are felt more strongly with the Moon than others depending on placement and sign. For example, someone with their Moon in Leo is very dramatic and wants their emotions to be known and obvious to others. While the opposite, someone with their Moon in Aquarius tends to intellectualize their emotions, and may keep a safe emotional distant from others, known for their level of detachment.


For most, we identify with our moon sign predominantly in the first 12 years of life, before we hit puberty (even though this is at a somewhat unconscious level. It would be nice if we knew these types of things growing up, it would change everything!!!!). The Moon is how we get our emotional needs met, and we are not technically fully emotionally matured until age 28, when the Moon comes full circle in its progression. The Moon also represents our soul, and all the past lessons of our soul. You can see more detail into that by learning about its aspects to other planets. The Moon is related to the 4th house and Cancer, and the fluids in the body. Another fun fact: Dreams follow the phases of the Moon, from New Moon to Full Moon. That’s why dream journals are so important to see how you are integrating on all levels (subconscious mind from the past as well as your day to day experiences).


Each phase of the Moon highlights another level of differentiation within the Moon archetype. For example, someone with their Moon conjunct Venus at the New Moon phase will be experiencing lessons in their relationships, evolving their sense of relating starting at the beginning of the cycle, versus someone with this conjunction but a Full Moon (even within the same sign!) For this reason, it’s important to know the whole story, and this is but a piece of it, meant to inspire you to learn more! We are just skimming the surface here, and each day brings another opportunity to explore your depths and your heights throughout your evolutionary journey.


If you don’t know the phase of the Moon you were born under, there are plenty of online calculators (just type in Moon phase calculator, or try this one:, or you could look at where the Moon is in relation to your Sun in the birth chart (for example, the Moon conjunct the Sun is a New Moon, or even Balsamic phase, and the Moon opposite the Sun is the Full Moon, etc). Once you know your Moon phase, scroll down to see how to incorporate it into your self-understanding.


New Moon


This is the Sun/Moon angle of 0-45˚. In your birth chart, the Sun and Moon will be conjunct, with the Moon exactly conjunct the Sun or just after it. This is connected to the Winter Solstice, the beginning of the New Year, the New Cycle of Growth, the Beginning of a series of incarnations, where you are starting something new. You are creating a new version of yourself, and therefore you will come to know your Self-Image more thoroughly as you go through this life. In a sense, since you are beginning in darkness, there is a clean slate from the past. There is a need for you to be subjective and have your focus centered on yourself, so that you can really get to know yourself. You are pure potential, and since you are still very connected to the Dark of the Moon – the realm of Mystery and Magic- people are drawn to you. Allow yourself to be forward thinking, freeing yourself from the historical conditioning of the past. You can embody the archetype of the teacher or avatar, embodying leadership, guidance, and bringing light to others.


Waxing Crescent


This is the Sun/Moon angle or 45-90˚ (semi-square, to sextile to square in aspect between the Sun and Moon), and in the birth-chart the Moon will come about 2 signs after your Sun. This is connected to the Pagan Holiday of Imbolc or Candlemas (midway between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox), with the link to that spiritual fire that burns in the (mostly) dark. There is a high degree of life here, and the need to truly know yourself on all levels so that you can assert yourself with authentic confidence. There is the sense of idealism, since being somewhat fresh into the cycle of incarnations. You’ve probably only had 1 or 2 lives prior to this one in the same cycle, so you are still building. There is the element of drive to accomplish and experience something major in terms of evolution. There is the possibility of great success in this life through determination and discipline. You are enthusiastic by nature to evolve along your path. The key here is to know what is your path, instead of blindly following what social and historical conditioning has led you to believe about yourself. You are learning independence in this life. Often there are many other markers in the birth chart that emphasize this need for individuation. You are developing courage, and learning to encourage or “give heart” to yourself. You embody the archetype of the rebel, finding your own path to authentic evolution of the Soul.


First Quarter


This is the Sun/Moon angle or 90-135˚, which runs from the waxing square to the inconjunct between the Sun and Moon. The Moon will be about a quarter through this cycle of incarnations and evolutionary journey.  This Moon phase is linked to the Spring Equinox, and Easter/Ostara. There is an element of tension here (as emphasized by the square aspect between the Sun and Moon), and this tension creates a creative response to the struggles of life. This phase is often likened with the imagery of the seedling pushing through the hard, cold surface of the ground, and finding ways to stay alive in its new development. The light of the Moon is half full, and is known to be an adjustment period, making you quick on your feet, and able to make quick decisions. There is a strong need for change, evolving out of past-life structures and creating new and better ones more in alignment with your Truth. You know yourself a bit better this time around, and are getting to enjoy the extension of your leaves and branches so to speak. Think of all the new life emerging at this time of year, Spring is your season. You can embody the archetype of te crusader, spending your energy on issues of social justice, and working toward finding wholeness within a group setting. This is the tension between Self and Group, which manifests through your desire to make change using your personal gifts, which affect the whole. This is beginning of the process of making a difference.


Waxing Gibbous


This is the Sun/Moon angle of 135-180˚ (the waxing inconjunction to opposition, just before the Full Moon opposition). This is connected to Beltane, in May, carrying with it the promise of a flower. This is your phase of identification with the group ideal, and offering your support to your community through being of real service. This is the Moon phase of teamwork, and helping others to shine. You love to learn, and are a truth-seeker, wanting to be your best self and be the best at what you offer to the world. In this phase, being halfway through the Half Moon and Full Moon, you are passionately building your life, drawn to accomplishing your goals, and blooming more and more into your highest potential. You are perfecting yourself, and as such can have a highly discriminating and analytical orientation toward yourself and the world.  Yours is the archetype of the Lover and Helper, being of sacred service in devotion to the Whole.


Full Moon


This is the Sun/Moon angle of 180-225˚ (the opposition to the waning inconjunction). The Sun and Moon in the birth chart will most likely be in opposite signs, or just one sign away from full opposition. This represents a deep need for balance between self and other, and integration of your life purpose (Sun) and self-image (Moon). This Moon phase is linked with the Summer Solstice, the Midsummer Night’s Dream. There can be a big focus on family issues, relationships, marriage/divorce, art, creativity and authentic self-expression within relationships. This is a dramatic position, with the fullest light, where you are generally sharing yourself with the world, operating from a place of full potential. You may find that you want to individuate out of relationships if they keep you stuck, or have a pattern of “stuckness” in relationships that you are evolving out of. On the brighter side, which everything is with you, you are able to display your feelings with strength, meaning you must also learn how to find inner balance and believe in your own unique capabilities and offerings to the world. You tend to have big emotions, and like to be seen for who you are. You tend to be more objective and balanced in your reasoning and approach to working with others, and can have a big influence in your community in leadership roles. You are an artist, intentionally creating your world through your relationships with all of life.


Waning Gibbous/Disseminating


This is the Sun/Moon angle of 225-270˚, moving between the waning inconjunct to the waning square. This Moon phase is associated with Lammas, or the annual wheat harvest that occurs late August each year. This is a period associated with gratitude, and also a death and rebirth cycle. Some say there is the attunement with “primitive” or ancient wisdom, as you are beginning the descent into darkness (spiritual wisdom) once again.  There is a desire to return to source, and even though you are still very public and open in your actions and expression of self, there is the desire to liberate from the world of social order once again. Because of this desire, you can also be a liberating force for others. This is a phase where you feel the strong need to connect with your Life Purpose, and to fulfill your evolutionary intent. You have a natural yearning and tendency to share wisdom with others, but it’s important to remember you don’t need to change people in order to be your true self. There is a sense of culminating in this life, and in this cycle, you come to a place of fruition and self-harvest. You can embody the archetype of the Shaman or Medicine Woman in this life rather majestically through all your deep inner work, which in turn benefits others.


Last Quarter


This is the Sun/Moon angle of 270-315˚, coming once again to the square, but this time the waning square. This is usually a life time of incorporating the lessons and issues that began in the First Quarter lifetime. This square cycle is the time to complete the lessons began in the previous square cycle. This Moon phase is associated with the Fall Equinox, and the Mabon holiday. Here you are sensing in to the return home, longing for romantic connection, but within yourself. As you move back into the dark, the internal and the unmanifest, you start to turn the corner to the completion of your cycle, your current cosmic stage of life. There is a sense of re-orienting yourself so that you can make the full plunge with the wisdom of your intuition and true inner guidance. You are learning to rely on your own inner light, once again. You can find deep inner happiness when you release any attachment to outside perspectives of who you are or who you should be. This is the beginning of the end of the cycle, or planting/harvest season, and you are tearing down the old structure to prepare for the inevitable new ones. You may feel a level of discontent with the current social structures, making a strong effort to change it in this life.


Waning Crescent/Balsamic


This is the Sun/Moon angle of 315-360˚, returning to the sextile and semi-square aspect between Sun and Moon, and then again close to the conjunction, but with just a sliver of light. This is the final phase of this incarnation of life cycles, associated with Samhain (Halloween). You have a deep psychic sensitivity, and ability to perceive in your environment what many others may not. This ingratiates you toward the realm of Spirit, your own connection to the cosmos, your ancestors, your Spirit guides, and the like. You have an intense depth to you, and you may be more introverted in this life as you seek to find any remaining answers that will help you in your integration and completion process.  As you are capable of piercing your psychic energy through any veils of illusion or separation you perceive in this life, you can help others tap into their own depths. This life is about tying up any loose ends, and feeling confident that you’ve completed this cycle masterfully, without bringing any negative karma into your future lives. It’s likely that you will experience many relationships from past lives that need to be completed in some way, so embrace the opportunity to love more, and to rejoice in your process of evolution.



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Nura Rachelle

Evolutionary Astrologer, focused on Healing the Feminine & Reclaiming Sovereignty