Full Moon in Capricorn Partial Lunar Eclipse

Here we go with another eclipse, this one a Full Moon in Capricorn partial lunar eclipse, happening Tuesday July 16th at 2:38 pm pacific time.

We have been already feeling it for a while now! This energy you’ve been working through, this is it, this is how the Full Moon in Capricorn is supporting you in embodying and integrating the wisdom you are receiving. This is leading you up to a powerful culmination and integration. Full moons always invite in greater meaning and wholeness, as we embrace two opposites, united in one event, one integrating consciousness. This full moon has an even stronger emotional pull being a partial lunar eclipse, one that is visible pretty much everywhere in the world except North America. Eclipses are more powerful when we are visibly witnessing them, so if you are in Australia, most of Asia, Europe, Africa, or South America, things may seem that much more intensified. But the energy of an eclipse is felt throughout the Earth, so we are all of us around the globe working with this powerful energy. 


This is an eclipse cycle of dissolving our fear-based identities that have been constructed in the past, so we can actually make space for the more integrated identities that are naturally emerging. So, what are you afraid of? Get nice and intimate with that, as it’s not going away. If anything, trying to control and grip and battle with fear is only going to make it stronger. We need to instead look at it, sit with it, integrate any aspects of ourselves that have been split off because of the fear. The world needs us to be whole and intact as we step up to the plate of change in this new age.


The Moon at 24˚ Capricorn is opposite the Sun at 24˚ Cancer, both close enough to the lunar nodes to be an eclipse. With the Moon conjunct Pluto and to a lesser degree her own South Node and Saturn, we are working with past energies to reveal and expose old limiting fear or control patterns. You might be noticing more patterns that emanate from subconscious fear, as all the retrograde planets are pulling up these powerful insights rooted in our memory. Much of what we consider limiting thought patterns, beliefs, actions or energies stem from fear. This could be fear of the loss of control with Saturn and Pluto involved. This could be fear of underperforming in society or according to social standards that we hold ourselves up to. This could be based on literal lies you have been told or told yourself about who you are and what you are capable of creating. If you’re not sure if or where you have fear, look at what you try to control, and you’ll have your answer. Look at what situations or people you try to control, and you’ll know where you carry fear. 


Look to where you have Cancer/Capricorn in your chart to dig into what fears are seeking to be exposed, most notably the Capricorn side of things right now with Saturn, South Node, Pluto and the Moon. The key to working with this energy is not to run away from it, or repress it, or stuff it back down and pretend it isn’t there. The key to healing from the fear patterning is to look at it, confront it, sit with it, be with your feelings.  


Ask yourself what would happen if you just let go of the need to control that thing, person, situation or experience. What would be the worst thing that could happen? Imagine it did. Sit with how that feels. Then keep going deeper in this process until all that is left is the core feeling that you are trying to avoid feeling, and what fears it is attached to. If you sit with this process long enough, you can start to overcome a lot of the story around fear, which actually helps to dispel fears hold on your subconscious mind, and therefore your conscious thoughts, words and actions. We have to go into the underworld, into the subconscious to do this work, because 95% of how we live our everyday lives is based in subconscious patterning. 


While we wrestle with trying to control everything on a conscious level, we’re only working with 5% mind power unless we’re able to tap in and access what’s really going on underneath it all. Our emotions are our greatest tools for navigating the unknown. They are our guidance system when we don’t or simply can’t have all the answers on a mental level. So why do we try so hard to control everything with our mind? Why do we cause ourselves so much needless suffering? We can instead move into the state of trust in our process, trust in our emotional guidance system to help us lead the way forward, lead us up and out of any tangled webs of our ego.


So, let the insights come to you as you sit with how you are feeling. Full Moons often bring up heightened emotions, as our emotions are more plainly visible to ourselves and others. We can physically see the Moon in the sky in all her brightness, so her showing her full face gives us the subconscious encouragement to do the same.


With the eclipse that will cover some of the Moon’s light, this is like a reset button. We turn off the old pattern of how we saw ourselves, and then turn it on again with a newfound insight, one that will come to us emotionally.


With Mercury retrograde in Leo, and soon to be back in Cancer, the sign of the Moon, this is an especially potent time for sitting with our feelings and letting them inform our intellect rather than the other way around. We so often try to control our feelings with our mind. We know the truth of “thoughts become things”, and so in our constant striving and efforting toward greater abundance, health, love, and happiness, we can often try to bypass the process that involves the grittier, heavier emotions like frustration, overwhelm, anger, sadness, or fear. This doesn’t actually make those emotions go away… they just get shuttled down to the underworld where they wait, lurking beneath the surface, prepared to jump out at you, usually unexpected and not with great timing. This being a Capricorn Full Moon, this is actually about taking full responsibility for our feelings, not running away from them because they are scary. 


This is a time to practice emotional maturity, which contrary to what many of us has been taught, does not mean emotional repression. It does not mean abandoning ourselves to “look” strong for others. Maybe you need to be that rock for someone else right now, as this eclipse is tied in with all sorts of energies around duty, obligation, and just getting our shit together for lack of better words. So, while we have to be grown-ups and honour our duties and responsibilities, we also need to give ourselves space to feel what we’re feeling.


Retrograde seasons always pull up past stories, and help us get a new insight on them. We have Jupiter, Ceres, Mercury, Saturn, Pluto, Neptune and Chiron all retrograde right now. There are without a doubt past stories and versions of Self coming into your space right now. And it is likely not that gentle or subtle. It’s probably pretty obvious what you’re working on integrating right now. There will be different shades of this for everyone, but the core themes for all of us are around emotional security, self-nurturing, self-responsibility, and respect for both self and others. While it may not be always comfortable or bring about the warm fuzzies, as we awaken to greater conscious awareness, we naturally bring healing. We naturally bring in more love. We naturally bring in more clarity after any storms of confusion.


With the Full Moon quintile Chiron, this can bring up full awareness of the wounds you are healing as an individual, or a greater sensitivity to any information that can help heal humanity as a whole. Everything you work on healing in yourself is something that you heal for the world. The more you embody loving self-respect, the more you innately encourage others to do the same. It’s not about telling others what to do or be, it’s about embodying it, as the Moon so teaches us. 


Lunar wisdom is body wisdom, feminine wisdom, that is not simply ideas or exciting insights, but rather an embodiment of our evolving consciousness, which occurs through our emotions… evolution is biochemical, it’s not just a thought we have in our minds, although that can be part of the process. In short, you need to physically integrate the healing insights that come up. It’s not enough to just know them. Thankfully we have a massive retrograde season right now so we have a lot of time and space to reflect on how to physically integrate the wisdom we are receiving. We are spiritually supported to do that with the energy of a quintile between the Full Moon and Chiron. It’s almost as if nothing else really matters, other than fully integrating the wisdom and lessons we are learning. The universe is giving us space to integrate.


It’s likely that much of what you experienced around the New Moon total solar eclipse of a couple weeks ago is still strongly in your field of experience. This energy will actually be with us for up to 6 months through its ripple effect. We will still be working with these themes long-term, as we would anyway with the North Node of the Moon being in Cancer. We will come back to these eclipse energies again right at Christmas, but that time in Capricorn season. 


So, there is no running away from your soul-level obligations, duties and responsibilities. Really more than anything, this is a time to make soul, as mythologist Michael Meade puts it. He reminds us that with a world of a crumbling social order, more than ever we need to connect with our soul, and make more soul for the world. We do this through loving what we love. Loving our purpose in this life. An exact quote from Michael Meade: 


“…we are experiencing in culture a loss of soul. And we are here to make more soul. It begins with the individual, with everyone's personal genius, and once enough soul has been made by individuals, then we can reconnect to the collective and begin to change life. And our issues right now are so profound and widespread that we need many people's genius, and many people's soulful connections in order to build our way back to a meaningful culture, and a meaningful connection of culture to nature."


This sentiment that he so eloquently phrases is really what Pluto conjunct the South Node and this series of eclipses is all about. Pluto is the deepest desires of our soul’s evolutionary path. When we confront (Pluto) everything in the way of that, we make more soul, or we connect more with what our souls are really craving at this time. All of this occurs through us listening to our emotions. It happens through paying attention to the ways our conscious identities are shifting. This is all what the Moon symbolizes for us.


I hope this is helpful for you as you navigate the waters of this eclipse season. If you need support, I am here, and I encourage you to connect with your chart to really get all the angles of how this eclipse is moving through you and within you. As always, get your crystals out, say a prayer in reverence for your evolutionary journey, and maybe do something different, something that feels like an embodiment of the wisdom you’ve been integrating. Let your soul guide the way, you’re in good hands.


Truly honoring each of you on your journeys and bowing in reverence to all the hard work you’ve been doing to evolve, heal and shine your light in this world. Happy Full Moon. Namaste.

New Moon in Cancer Total Solar Eclipse

Welcome cosmic beings to Eclipse season. We have a New Moon total solar eclipse happening July 2nd, 2019, 12:16pm PDT at 10˚ 37’ of Cancer. We will also have a partial lunar eclipse with the upcoming Full Moon in Capricorn on July 16th. Something important to note about eclipses is that they only happen when the Sun and Moon are near to the nodal axis, which is currently at 17˚ of Cancer and Capricorn. 

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10˚ of Cancer is considered in the 2nddecan of Cancer, which includes Scorpio energy. This brings about a massive energy around transformation and mutation of our identity. Cancer is Yin Cardinal Water, pulling us inward, to source our innate emotional wisdom, our innate Goddess consciousness, our Great Mother who nourishes and supports us.


With Saturn Rx at 17˚ Capricorn conjunct the South Node, Pallas Athene & Asteroid Lilith at 13˚ of Libra, and Chiron at 5˚ of Aries, we have a Cardinal grand cross activation during this eclipse season. The Cardinal axis is about the fundamentals of our identity, the energy of initiating change in who we are. Whenever cardinal signs are being activated, we are steeped in the energy of putting ourselves out into the world in a new way. This axis also keeps us engaged with the dance of who we are at home in ourselves, and how we show up out in the world. What is the connection between our innate beingness and what is going on out in the world?


As we are witnessing much social upheaval and challenge on a collective level, with our political structure disintegrating and our new collective awareness that we need to step up as individuals and BE the change, this is pulling up a whole lot of gunk from our past. This is pulling up the histories that overshadowed the her-stories, the domination and suppression of the patriarchy, the foundations of our collective systems that are crumbling in their stagnant efforts of controlling the masses.


We are returning to a greater awareness of Goddess Consciousness. This implies reconnecting with the Earth, this beautiful home that supports us, houses us, feeds us and nourishes us. This process of returning to our wholeness requires a letting go and purging of who we thought we were. This requires a new look at our mythopoetic understanding of life… taking a look at the old stories and myths we’ve been told about who we are, and reconnecting to our true essence. We use stories, myth and poetry as tools for self-understanding. Think about the majority of the stories you’ve been told. Are they stories of truth, love, inherent beauty, authenticity and honoring natural processes? Or are they stories of shame, guilt, sadomasochism, domination and suppression? Likely there’s a mix of both of these spectrums, and our work is to peel back the layers and question the stories that do not align. Much of this is subconsciously programmed, and so we will need to dip into the realms of our subconscious to work this healing and repatterning. It’s a big task, and we will likely experience a strong push-back from the powers that be, but this is our life we’re talking about. This is the life of our planet and all the beautiful beings she holds that hangs in the balance of each of our individual self-awareness. We shift as a collective via the leadership of strong, aligned and authentic individuals who know themselves and their purpose in life. 


Saturn Rx conjunct the South Node is literally pulling off all of the layers of control, suppression, programming and conditioning around how we view life. Saturn was conjunct the South Node at the end of April a couple months ago. What were you working through then and how you are currently accelerating the evolution of your new self that is related to the deprogramming you began at that time? The very basis of what we consider reality is being challenged, as Saturn represents the consensus reality. As the consensus of the collective shifts into greater awareness of the flaws of our political and economic systems, we will start to witness greater change happening all around us.


The more we feel safe in showing up authentically in our true nature, the more we make space for all beings to return to nature in general. It is socially and environmentally imperative for us to remember the ways of our ancestors who walked in harmony with the Earth. To re-invigorate our sense of self-hood that is more in alignment with our true essence, our true identity. This requires us to acknowledge where and how we’ve been hypnotized, brainwashed or forced into submission. Through what has been dubbed the “dude standardization project” of the Renaissance, or the Enlightenment, or the Age of Reason, we have attempted to eradicate the Wisdom of the Goddess and associated Ways of Knowing.  The Goddess has spent millennia underground and in hiding, out of fear of persecution from the demonization of the patriarchy, and so has her wisdom. We are now reconnecting with this through our attention to holistic and alternative healing, embracing our intuition, and healing from the ways our very bodies have been shamed. 


“The patriarchal God has only one commandment: Punish life for being what it is. The Goddess also has only one commandment: Love life, for it is what it is.”– quote from the Great Cosmic Mother by Monica Sjoo & Barbara Mor


Think about what this quote is saying… the notion of punishing life for being what it is, original sin, being inherently sinful or needing to feel ashamed of our humanness, compared for embracing and loving life for what it is, and aligning with the natural flow.


With this eclipse, we are reconnecting ourselves to the source of life. We are coming back to our bodies, feeling into the reconciliation of spirit and flesh. We are no longer feeling ashamed of our wildness, or our untamed nature. This is foundational to what it means to heal our shadow.


Pallas Athene & Asteroid Lilith are working the return to the wild nature, embracing the un-tame nature that supports Goddess consciousness in her return to sovereignty, and therefore the sovereignty & autonomy of all beings. In Libra this can pull out patterns of relating where we hide ourselves for the sake of others’, or what we perceive others want from us. We can instead be an inspiration and a catalyst for others if we boldly align with our truth. We need to have these kinds of discussions and not shy away from these challenging topics.


With Chiron in Aries, we are healing our relationship with our own egos, and returning to a trust of our animal bodies, our instinctual nature, the part of us that wants what it wants as it receives information directly from Source.


We are healing the rift between the notions of Yin and Yang. Instead of seeing them as separate or opposing forces, we start to see them again as one continuum of the whole. We start to see how we can flow with the in and out breath of life, witness the symbiosis and unity consciousness that is inherent in Goddess culture. This is the consciousness that will engender a healthy planet and ecosystem, as we become more in alignment with the balance required in nature. We will support and align our human habits with natural processes instead of trying to box them in according to our dystopic consensus reality that have really just become about our convenience. While confronting that may be uncomfortable for some, it is a necessary push through to get to the other side of our authentic healing and collective growth and wellbeing.

Wishing you all a sweet & soulful New Moon in Cancer, may you be well, eat well, and love others well,


Cancer Season

Welcome to Cancer season, the point where the Sun hits the Northernmost point and it is Summer in the North, Winter in the South. Being of the North myself, that is the orientation I take, as it is Summer for me, but all of us around the world are working with Cancer energy. This is the energy of the home, nourishment, security, safety, the mother, the waters, the flow, the softness, what makes us feel at home with ourselves. My wish is for each of us to connect with a bit more softness this season.

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With the Sun’s ingress into Cancer, Neptune also stations Rx. Neptune stations retrograde today until November 27th, traveling between 18˚43’ and 15˚56’ Pisces. This small slice of Pisces degree points will be traversed a total of 3 times, and we’ve already moved through the 1st since Neptune has been in the pre-Rx shadow phase since the end of February.


We can look at the pre-Rx phase as indicating what potential confusion or disillusionment we require to work through this year. The actual Rx period shows us the work we need to do in going back to understand what has happened in the pre-Rx phase. What has been confusing for you over these past few months? This is the time to actively work through that by allowing the disillusionment process to take hold. We need to surrender to the process of letting go of our illusions, which eventually brings us to greater clarity. Then in the post-Rx phase (which lasts from November 27 to March 16th 2020), this is where we integrate fully our new-found clarity, and can see the fruits of our surrendering process.


Look at what planets you might have between 15-18˚ of Pisces for any conjunctions, or those same degrees in any sign. 15-18˚ in Gemini/Sagittarius will indicate squares or tensions emerging in your belief systems and how they connect to cosmic truth. 15-18˚ of Virgo will show what you are specifically integrating to be used in your daily life, what strategies, routines or patterns need to shift. 15-18˚ of any other sign will show other major & minor aspects, so be sure to play around with what is moving through your chart, what is being dissolved so you can connect more closely with Great Spirit.


We will have Venus in a gibbous phase opposition to Jupiter upon the Summer solstice, this emphasizes the reflective nature we are feeling into around our beliefs of the feminine while the Sun is culminating, our longest days of the year in the North, we might have more energy but also more time to think. We may be working through our own challenges in how we understand or identify with the nature of our own femininity, whether we identify as being in a male or female body. All genders carry the feminine and we all express feminine energy uniquely. But as we are collectively returning to the Goddess, much of what we experience can feel either very new, or perhaps like a long-lost sensation of déja vu or nostalgia for something we recognize deep within us. We can recognize the feelings of reconnecting with All Our Relations, through reconnecting with the Cosmic Mother, and bringing her wisdom back into how we organize our structures, systems, and paradigms currently.


This can challenge us to fight to hold onto our past beliefs about what reality is, as has been set out by patriarchal structures for the past few thousands of years. When we think about what has conditioned our present reality, we have to acknowledge that it has been built via belief systems, and is not based on inherent truth. We did not always operate from a place of industrialization, capitalism, putting the economy as the bottom line of success or fulfillment. 


Even as we collectively open up to more conversations around manifesting, there is still this strong remnant of a disjointed reality where everyone is an individual just creating their own world bubble, which is not quite accurate to what’s really going on. As we reconnect with the roots of our sacred nature, we remember that we are a collective, and we collectively manifest together. We have root systems that connect us around the world, similar to the mycelium that gather between the trees and provide us these beautiful fruiting bodies we call mushrooms. Cancer season in general is very much about reconnecting with our true roots, going back as far as we can, until we get close enough to reclaim the gifts our ancestors have left for us.


Mercury & Mars entering Leo mid-season, as they are currently conjunct in Cancer upon the Summer Solstice. With our minds and action language traveling through space together, we can have a greater ease on taking action on our ideas. As they are now in full phase opposition to Pluto, we are more able to let our thoughts and actions be directed toward relating with others, as we’ve just completed a major inner reflection with them in the gibbous phase. The full phase opposition is about finding integration, meaning and completion. The relationship between Mercury/Pluto and Mars/Pluto are about aligning our thoughts with our soul (Mercury), and our actions with our soul (Mars). Putting them together, we can be experiencing extremely aligned thoughts and actions that are propelling us forward at maximum speed toward our evolutionary intentions as a collective.


We have a New Moon total eclipse July 2ndwith the New Moon in Cancer. This will be a time of sweet surrender, softness, and reconnecting with our internal Mother. We may be developing a brand-new relationship with her, and perhaps extending the reach of our family and inner circle around this time. 


Then Venus will enter Cancer July 3rdjust after the New Moon, pulling us deep inside to explore the waters. It’s worth noting that all of the planets entering the beginning degrees of Cancer will square Chiron in Aries, pulling up the tensions between how we have presented ourselves in the past, or any wounding around our individuality, and how that intersects with our self-love, self-care, and nourishment. 


Mercury stations Rx July 7thuntil August 1stbetween the beginning degrees of Leo and back into Cancer. Mercury Rx in Leo is a time of bringing us closer to our heart, literally and figuratively. This can help us to identify mentally with what our heart is speaking to us, so we can actually connect our heart and mind energy centers, or chakras. Since Rx planets always pull in some of their opposite sign energy in order to find full integration, we need to look at the degree points between Cancer to Leo, and Capricorn to Aquarius. This will show us the axis we are working with in connecting mind and heart. 


Mercury will re-enter Cancer July 19, just before the end of Cancer season, pulling us back into the softness of our core, and we can ask how much our thoughts are aligned with our heart (Leo), and nourishing us (Cancer). Are our thoughts loving, and compassionate? Do we think about ourselves the way we would think about a child we loved unconditionally? The way a mother loves a child? Even me asking that question, what does that bring up for you? In what ways can you call in a greater softness and tenderness toward your own mother, in compassion for the challenges she’s had or the energy she’s given of herself to raise you?


Cancer rules the stomach, breasts, how we give and receive nourishment in our bodies. Cancer also has co-rulership over the womb space, and the umbilical cord that fed us first. We can imagine the umbilical cord of the great cosmic mother as symbolized through Neptune in Pisces, reconnecting us with her as a way to reconnect with our own wholeness. This is a time to learn what really nourishes us on all levels to be able to make the necessary changes here in our Earth experiences.


During Cancer season we can be coaxed into a reconnaissance with our childhood upbringing. More emotions can flow. We can pull in memories of who we were, perhaps to show us something that brings us closer to our authenticity. What did you enjoy doing as a child? If you are searching for greater joy and happiness in your life, perhaps you might want to try those same activities. For me it was hula hooping, collecting sticks and stones to make fairy gardens, and finding large rocks to hop over. I loved building tree forts. I loved hunting for bird nests. As an adult I still like these things, and am always grateful when I give myself time to connect with the simple joys and curiosities. Having a child definitely helps with this, but is not required in order to reconnect with your own inner child who is always with you. 


You can also look at what was difficult for you integrate or understand about yourself as a child. This can bring us to an even deeper awareness of what needs healing at this time. 


Chiron stations Rx July 8thuntil December 12thgoing between 5˚ to 1˚ Aries. This will pull us back into the ways we’ve been becoming friends with our egos, to deepen the relationship. The more we lean into the process of befriending our ego and maturing it, and away from the idea of transcending it or demonizing it, the deeper our healing will be. Perhaps beyond our self-healing, we may also find the tools to be of service and support for our fellow human beings, as we encourage the healthy expression of their egos. We can all mature together, and it doesn’t need to feel like a battle. 


The Full Moon in Capricorn will also be an eclipse on July 16that 2:38pm PDT. Look for 24˚ of Cancer and Capricorn, a rather sensitive point with the Moon being so close to Pluto and being an eclipse. Eclipses can only occur when the sun and moon are near to the lunar nodal axis, therefore this year with the Cancer/Capricorn new and full moons. Eclipses always mark a period of acceleration, which you may have already been feeling into depending on your level of attunement to the seasonal shifts. I will share more about this Full Moon closer to the date, but the more we can prepare for deep release of the past versions of ourselves, the faster forward evolution we can expect to occur during this upcoming Full Moon eclipse.


As we lean into the soft embrace of our Great Mother, we can ask ourselves what needs tending, what needs nourishing. We can spend this season dropping into our heart space, asking ourselves the right questions that offer us the greatest vantage point of enjoyment, creativity and presence. The more we dive into the cool, shallow waters, the more we can feel at home in ourselves, reminded that we are the universe. We carry the cosmic blueprint of existence within each of our cells, and with reverence to our ancestors and our lineage, we can honor the gift of our life.


Wishing you many blessings this Cancer season, until next time. Love, Nura


Cancer season at a glance:


June 21, Neptune Rx (until Nov 27, 5:32am PT) 7:35am PT

June 21, Sun enters Cancer, 8:55am PT

June 23, Venus opposite Jupiter

June 27, Mercury enters Leo




July 1, Mars enters Leo

July 2, New Moon total eclipse of Sun (Cancer), solar eclipse

July 3, Venus enters Cancer

July 8, Mercury Rx in Leo until Aug 1, Mercury conjunct Mars in Leo

July 8, Chiron stations Rx 4:40pm (until December 12)

July 9, Sun opposite Saturn

July 14, Sun opposite Pluto

July 16, Full Moon eclipse of Moon (Capricorn), partial lunar eclipse

July 17, Venus opposite Saturn

July 18, Venus trine Neptune (Cancer/Pisces)

July 19, Rx Mercury re-enters Cancer

July 21, Venus opposite Pluto, Ceres direct in Sag

Healing the Feminine - North Node in Cancer

This is a talk I gave for EA Zoom Meetings just before the Summer Solstice. Much of what we are collectively working through is purging the conditioning of the patriarchal domination and suppression of the feminine for the past 6000 years. More info can be found at the School of Evolutionary Astrology message board. Where we have the South Node, Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn and the opposing North Node of the Moon in Cancer will show our process of reconditioning and returning to the Goddess.

With love,


Gemini Season - Cycles within Cycles, Worlds within Worlds

The Sun moves into Gemini May 21st at 1am PDT. Whenever we engage with Gemini energy, we are learning the relativity of Truth. We are regaining perspective and innocence, and learning how to communicate to get our needs met in fresh ways. We are learning how to play with life again, to renew our childish enthusiasm for life in all its forms. 


Scroll down to keep reading or watch video version here.

We can consciously evolve this season through being playful with our perspective, to be able to witness the cycles within cycles and the worlds within worlds. We can get out of any ideas that there is one fixed way of looking at everything. It’s time for a refresher and illumination of all that we are learning and celebrating in our lives, even if we are also purging, transforming and evolving as we constantly are.


The Moon will freshly enter Capricorn the day the Sun moves into Gemini, about to revamp our emotional awareness on all the Capricornian purging we’ve been doing long term with Saturn, Pluto and the South Node. I feel this is an important time to share some awareness on just how the smaller cycles align within the larger ones, as we are always looking at cycles within cycles within cycles. You can look at how this is represented in other forms of astrology, like the Mayan calendar, where you can physically see how it is interpreted and organized, all wheels within wheels on top of other wheels.


Having this framework of understanding makes it possible to see how we can use our awareness of long-term energies that we’re working with, but with the shifting of each season to see how we are taking a different angle or approach on how to work through the long-term major shifts.


Looking at the Capricornian deconditioning and deprogramming we’re all doing and acknowledging the long-term resonance is important in order to understand the foundation of any time period we’re looking at for this year and into 2020, and even beyond that as even though the nodes and Saturn will shift into their next respective signs at that time, Pluto will still be in Capricorn until 2024.


I often express my gratitude to the cosmic system as its been divinely set up, as we don’t need to experience all of our karma or evolution all at once. We get to spend solid amounts of time exploring each archetype, over and over again, just in varying combinations, and everything always moves along a continuum. We know that each sign’s experiences build upon the wisdom, wounds and wishes of those that came before. This is how we are continuously evolving not only ourselves, but the very archetypes we identify with. 


The relationship between the Sun in Gemini this month and the other planets weaves a story based on illumination, and finding new information. As we may have found ourselves in a lot of darkness over specifically what needs to change, or what we need to do differently to replace those patterns and routines we’ve been shifting away from or newly into, this Gemini season can offer information that can help us understand how to make some practical changes.


To start, Mercury aligns with the Sun on day 1 of this season. Anytime Mercury or any planet conjuncts the Sun, we experience a type of renewal through the fires of our consciousness, as the Sun literally burns up anything that is not part of the newly forming cycle. This can include thought patterns or perspectives or interpretations that we had been living by for the past little while, since the last Mercury Retrograde season. 


Sometimes this can feel a bit like burning up our ego, as we often consider our thoughts to be us. If there’s something you’ve been mentally wrestling with but unable to find resolution, this conjunction can be that force of nature to simply eliminate it from your though process, to make space to being anew with more clarity. It can also help us to re-identify our thoughts with our true purpose of the moment, the Sun, which can keep us more in the here and now rather than keeping our past mental confusions on repeat mode.


Mercury will oppose Jupiter just 10 days into Gemini season on May 31, while Venus in Taurus will trine Saturn in Capricorn, again bringing into focus the Capricorn deprogramming and reprogramming we are all doing. The Mercury/Jupiter opposition with Jupiter still retrograde will bring up any ways we are wrestling Truth within us. Mercury inevitably surrenders to Jupiter, so wherever we have been fighting the truth within ourselves or in our communications with others will be revealed to a higher way of seeing and knowing the situation.


The Venus/Saturn trine between Taurus and Capricorn will again bring up more conscious focus on how we are realigning our value systems by reflecting on how they were shaped in the past conditioning. This can look different for everyone, but with the position of Saturn conjunct the South Node and Pluto, this likely looks like some type of letting go of material attachments that don’t serve us, or ways of viewing ourselves in relation to the material world. We may need to step more into the mystery for a little while over the course of this Gemini season, to be able to let go of our attachments to be able to see more clearly what we really need to live our purpose and be happy in the long run. 


The New Moon in Gemini will be June 3rd, on the same day as the Venus/Pluto trine. This brings an even more heightened energy around purging material attachments, and making more space for soul level desires and truth, and coming to the close of a cycle of attachment. This can also be in relationships, fully coming to terms with any assets or liabilities that we’ve attached ourselves to, and evaluating their usefulness. I know that can sound a bit cold, but the lens of Earthy practicality is required right now as we strip away what is clouding our vision. 


Remember that both Mercury and Venus are associated with the mind of God/Goddess, that Mercury is how we use and communicate the divine messages through words and logic, while Venus is the mind of God/Goddess through pictures and symbols, the feminine aspect of knowingness. 


Anything that we are letting go of in terms of our mental or material attachments is only on the individual ego level, and surrendering to the process of letting go makes more space to align with a higher version or interpretation of the divine that is needed in our lives. Sometimes we have to let go of who we thought we were, to step into who we actually are.


Mercury is moving quick this season, as he’ll zip into Cancer June 4th, and then Venus will move into Gemini June 9th. We are really moving forward quickly this season, which is Gemini’s M.O. anyways, so get ready to learn a lot of new things, be in a lot of new kinds of situations, meeting a lot of new people, and letting these chance encounters shape the new you that you are always becoming. Be aware of meeting people who may be your opposites, to help show you something that about yourself that you are working on integrating. Or to be challenged in your opinions about the world, to perhaps also find more grace and space in your worldviews. 


Mars in Cancer will trine Neptune in Pisces June 14th, while Mars will simultaneously be opposite Saturn. This bridges Saturn and Neptune even further who are already sextile each other, to find the links between our duty, responsibilities, and practical application of life (Saturn), with what inspires us and keeps us linked into a higher spiritual purpose for it all (Neptune). Mars, our action language, our passion and drive to go out into the world and get what we want, is communicating in a 3-way call with Saturn and Neptune, trying to find out the best way to take care of ourselves and find inner security (Cancer) in the process of aligning duty with inspiration.


Mercury will then come to oppose Saturn and Pluto toward the end of the season, again offering us the chance to align our thoughts with our duty to evolve, and to become the highest most aligned versions of ourselves through what we choose to mentally engage with. This could be supported by really focusing on illumination this Gemini season, rather than any escapism or running away from the truths that are staring us in the face. The more we are searching for the truth of what we need, or how to communicate our true needs, the more the divine reaches back out to us with very specific clues as to how to align our thoughts, actions and energy. 


Instead of Netflixing and chilling, get outside and roam the territory of your natural world imagination. Get creative, get curious, connect with your innocence, watch a ladybug climb through a blade of grass or feel the sensations as she climbs up your arm, refocusing your energy on the worlds within worlds and the cycles within cycles and reacquainting yourself with the simple truths of life. We can do this through intentional play. 


Finally, Gemini season ends with Neptune stationing retrograde June 21stat 18˚43’ Pisces, retrograde until November 27thto 15˚56’. So while we spend much of Gemini season getting curious about our connections with the world, using our scientific lens of intentional play to get to know ourselves better, Neptune will be taking a dive deeper into the realms of healing, unconditional love, compassion, service, and surrendering to our divine purpose here on Earth. I’ll share more about Neptune Retrograde in coming posts and videos, but for now, embracing the curiousity of Gemini can take us far into learning what we need to learn to bring clarity and aligned vision. This can really be a time of great change, and even if certain structures around us are toppling, we can do our best to celebrate our lives and our lessons. 


Many blessings to you this Gemini season,




Transforming our Point of Attraction through Trust - Full Moon in Scorpio

The Moon is Full in Scorpio May 18that 2:12pm PDT at 27˚39’. It’s that time of year to dive into our deepest interior motivations for how we attract resources in our lives. To expose anything hidden in the darkest caverns of our psyche around what we value, our priorities, and how we will allow ourselves to consciously evolve and transform. Depending on where you have the Taurus/Scorpio axis in your chart will highlight how you are transforming your values, and what this means for connecting on a deeper level to your soul. All of this is a precursor to the Sun shifting soon into Gemini May 21st, when Mercury will also enter Gemini, so first we’ll do some deep soul work to release and transform, and then we’ll get to move out into new territory of learning and exploring so that we can apply what we’re learning with this Full Moon.

Watch video here or scroll down to keep reading.

For me, the Full Moon in Scorpio is always a memorable time of year. For me being a Taurus rising, this always puts the Scorpio Full Moon on my descendant or my 7thhouse, so it illuminates relationship dynamics around resources, values, priorities, and soul level desires and motivations for the relationship, so this is something I specifically plan for diving into in all of my meditations leading up to the event, and also what I create ritual around.  For yourself, you need to reflect on the meanings of the houses this axis lies on in your chart, so that you can feel into what often seems to shift for you around this time each year. 


We get at least one Full Moon of each sign each year, sometimes two, but these are meant to be memorable times of self-illumination.  The Moon is our self-image, and reflects how we are changing and flowing with our evolutionary tides from moonth to moonth. When you collect enough of these experiences consciously, you can start to plan ahead for the coming seasons, to see how you will be peeling back another layer of the same energies, with new levels of consciousness.


At 27˚ this is the finalization of Taurus season, meaning we are finding new mastery of Taurus in ourselves and collectively. I call these the PhD degrees, where it’s likely the most challenging mental and spiritual stretch to get ourselves to a greater understanding, and then also apply it practically in our lives. 


Taurus has been and will continue to be a prominent energy for us with Uranus in Taurus. We are illuminating all of the ways our material attachments could be examined and transmuted through the Scorpionic efforts of diving into the soul to feel into what is most real and true for your life as a whole. Why are you here? Really answering that question can make the biggest difference in how you spend your time, money, resources and overall energy in your daily life, your daily grind, your efforts toward building something sustainable in your life that you can rely on, as Taurus desires. 


The Full Moon in Scorpio is the same day that Venus conjuncts Uranus, and she is in the new phase of instinctual emergence by the time of the Full Moon. 


So, let’s break down some of the basics around moon phases, and phasal relationships in general, because this is actually something that applies to all planetary pairs. We can look at the phasal relationship between each planet in our natal chart to find exactly where and how we are developing the gifts, talents and expressions of each planet, and what healing and refining we can work on in relation to those planetary functions.


If we take the planetary pair of Venus/Uranus, we can look at the combination of how Venus, our love language, point of attraction, our emotions, feminine or receptive nature, our values and priorities, how all of this relates to the functions of Uranus, which is to free us, liberate us, and emancipate us from stagnant energy. 


Now with both planets in Taurus, the inner side of Venus, this is like a triple energy of Taurus saying loud and clear, “we need to evaluate how we look at our resources, our values, our priorities, our routines, how we make money, what skills we use to pull in what we require in order to live our purpose in this life”.


With the Full Moon, this is Taurus illuminating Scorpio. This means illuminating everything that we may have hidden from even ourselves around our motivations with money, materials, and how our soul level desires interact with our physical, tangible world possessions, or perhaps how we value ourselves, our self-esteem, self-worth, self-sufficiency, self-reliance, being able to do things for ourselves. This works well with Venus in new phase to Uranus, as we can attract to us the new energies that will help us solidify what we are evaluating this Full Moon. 


The trick in working most positively with Taurus energy is to find where we are stubborn, and allow ourselves to release the control we think we need to have in order to stay secure. Often this can manifest as beliefs and ideas about what security means. We have to remember that with all the Capricorn planets, Saturn, Pluto and the South Node, we are deconditioning and deprogramming from a lot of what societal structure has dictated that we need to do. So in regards to this current season, the aspect of that deprogramming that we’re working on is deprogramming around resources, money, self-worth and everything I’ve mentioned, and noticing where does the stubbornness or reluctance to change come from? What fears may they be linked to? 


Moving through fear is what Scorpio can help us with, to learn to trust ourselves on the soul level, to bring the soul into the earthly experience, knowing they are not separate at all, that attuning ourselves with our soul level desires will actually support us in feeling soul security, which permeates into our physical experience when we are in the state of trust. Most of our fear around making changes to our routines, or how we go about attracting what we think we need in life is all linked to cultural and social programming, as well as past life karmic situations that can cause us to hold onto certain notions of what will keep us safe. 


We have to change with the world, to change with the collective, and also to get scientific with Uranus in Taurus, to see how we can better live sustainably on all levels. The physical aspect of sustainability is quite obvious, but what about the emotional, mental or spiritual aspects of sustainability in the ways we go about living our lives? Mercury being so close to conjuncting the Sun in Taurus brings in that added emphasis on the quality of our thoughts, and perhaps certain thoughts of security versus evolution that we are allowing to be transformed and transmuted to higher levels of soul authenticity. 


As much of our conscious evolution starts with noticing our thoughts, mental patterns and decision-making, we can ask ourselves what can help us emotionally evolve so that we can allow ourselves to rest in a comfortable discomfort at the edge of our evolution.


Some questions to ask: Are you giving too much of our personal resources perhaps to efforts that go wasted on some level? Or are you considering how each of your decisions around your possessions, your skills, what you need to survive and thrive in the world can be heightened to the level of soul mastery and knowing what will really get us what you want, beyond a feeling of illusory or false security? How are you using your creative energy in alignment with your soul mission? Remember that Taurus/Scorpio rules procreation as well as sensuality and sexuality, so is your sexual energy being maximized or engaged with in the most appropriate ways, you can look at tantric practices, using the kundalini energy to fully awaken and open up your energy potential. These are the kinds of questions you need to be asking yourself, and of course honoring your journey with Taurus/Scorpio up to this point. There are always deeper layers of self-awareness and this is what raising consciousness means.


You can meditate with simple questions like, “what fear do I need to let go of in order to live more in soul alignment?” or “what resources do I require to live out my purpose?” or “what subconscious emotional pattern needs to be exposed so that I can bring conscious healing to it?”


Scorpio can be extremely powerful to work with, especially when you get to work with it consciously. It is one sign that perhaps doesn’t always want to be seen, because to see something truly is to know its intentions and motivations, and therefore its power, and a shadow expression of Scorpio is to be afraid of your own power, because it often can be aligned with needing to change. Sometimes with Scorpio the true power needs to be coaxed out and revealed so that the underlying emotional patterns can merge with our consciousness, which usually once you start the process of awareness there’s no going back, so you just confront whatever is limiting. Where we have Scorpio in our charts is where we are confronting the preconceived limitations that we’ve had about how that area of life works or doesn’t work, or how the planets involved can be expressed. There is always a more enlightened way to work with our shadows, and the Full Moon in Scorpio is an excellent time to be fully conscious with it.


Wishing you the best in your conscious evolution journey! May you know who you are and why you are here.



Self-Healing this Taurus Season

Taurus season is starting off with a bang, those final Aries reflections that we will carry into the next season.

Scroll down or click here for video on Self-Healing

The second Full Moon in Libra in a row, happening at 29˚7’ of Aries and Libra at 4:12am PDT this Friday, April 19th. This is happening just about a day before the Sun enters Taurus April 20that 1:56am. As we welcome Yin Fixed Earth, the inner side of Venus’ nature, we are first prepped with the outer side of Venus through the Libra Full Moon. We get the chance to look outward to see the beauty of ourselves reflected back to us, before going in to smooth the inner edges.

Taurus season is incredibly powerful for creating sustainable routines, new ways to connect with the abundance that is always around us, and how to work honestly and diligently toward what we value most. This is a time for creating the beauty and deep sensual existence and healing that we strive for most.

With the Sun conjunct Uranus in Taurus, this brings greater heightening to the awakening process we’ve begun with Uranus who is in Taurus for another 6 years. Uranus is also sextile Juno and Black Moon Lilith, pulling in a strong energy of working through shadow and karma in our committed relationships, primarily in how we are communicating. 

With Black Moon Lilith in Aquarius, this can link to how we are liberating ourselves from social conditioning surrounding self-expression, individuality, and perhaps femininity. With Juno in Gemini, this brings up communication patterns around how we get our needs met. This can be an excellent time to bring conscious intention to solving any issues around communication with anyone in your life, especially those with strong karmic ties.

Mercury also just entered Aries, soon to conjunct Chiron, with Venus about to join this configuration, pulling in a strong forward motion energy toward healing our feminine expressions. As we work through healing our whole self, both the masculine and feminine working together in Divine Union, we can master these karmic lessons presented to us. Remember, we peel back the layers of the evolution onion one layer at a time. 

Sometimes unpacking these healing stories can feel frustrating, as we come to seemingly similar points again and again in our lives, but this is yet another layer of the onion to move through as we expand our consciousness. With an Aries focus, the key is to look at ourselves directly, head on, face forward. Don’t shy away from your own reflection.

No matter what our path of healing is or what modality we identify with, all healing centers around a story of some kind. Maybe it’s a story of what we’ve inherited from our parents, or what we believe about ourselves, or how we understand our astrology. Whatever the origins of the words we weave, there is always a possibility to transition and transcend whatever limitations we’ve placed on ourselves via our stories.

Using our charts, we can identify pain points and resolve old wounds, and we can clear many generations and lines of family trauma through our individual awareness and persistence. The key with most healing is to begin and continue, and it helps if we are aware of the possibility first, and the strategy second to shift our patterns.

To learn about some of the ways we can identify pain points and healing potential in the chart, watch the video below or click here. Wishing you much illumination and success on your healing path!

Aries Season 2019: Spring Equinox & Full Moon in Libra

We have a few special things about this upcoming Full Moon in Libra, it’s a supermoon, and most importantly it’s occurring just a few hours after the Spring Equinox Wednesday, March 20th. 


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Let’s talk about the fact that it’s a supermoon! A supermoon happens when the full moon coincides with the moon's closest approach to Earth in its orbit. If you’re a careful moon watcher you’ll notice that it looks about 30% brighter and appears closer, as it is literally closer to the Earth.


Energetically, this creates an increase of self-awareness, as we can see into ourselves and others a bit more closely and vibrantly. As we step into Aries season, with the focus on our new projects, our new creations, our new life springing forth and blossoming out into the world, we simultaneously have this strong focus on the other, which is coming through Libra. So, as we can see into ourselves more intimately to know what we want to create, we have the component of those closest to us mirroring back our creative flow. This can mean a lot of different things to different people, so let’s unpack some of the major aspects associated with this Equinox Full Moon.


The Equinox is exact at 2:59 pm PDT, Wednesday, March 20th. The most obvious aspect is that the Sun is conjunct Chiron in Aries, the wounded healer, who will be in Aries until 2027. I have a whole video on the specifics of this, which is linked in in my bio if you’re watching from Instagram, or you can find it linked beneath this video if you’re watching on Facebook or YouTube.


But at its most basic, Chiron in Aries is supporting us in our ego maturation process, and the healing that comes from owning up to our individual creative spark of life that seeks to become. We are learning how to trust ourselves more, to tune into the highest frequency of our desire nature, and to find a more intuitive connection to what we are creating, thus leading to healing of our ego, and healing of our instincts and impulse nature.


Depending on where you have Aries in your chart, this will illuminate the healing process further, and also noting the relation between transiting Chiron with natal Chiron, as it always reflexes back to your natal chart when trying to understand your own holistic healing process.


Aries rules the head, the skull, the cerebrum, the motor centers of the brain, the eyes, and upper jaw. This is a great time for a jaw massage! If you haven’t heard of that, look it up, and then get one! It’s great for relieving overall body stress, as it’s all connected. Every time I’ve taught a yoga class I remind the students to release the tension in the jaw, because as we carry tension in the jaw, it is often linked to tension in the hips and elsewhere in the body. 


The Aries-Libra axis together governs the acid/alkaline balance in the body, the glandular balances, and the adrenals. So think about how fast you are moving, how fast energy is moving through you, and the balance of the food you are eating. Sometimes I like to nerd out as I’m also a studying herbalist, but I totally have Ph strips and I test my saliva. Did you know that by keeping your mouth at about a 7 ph level you can avoid cavities? Most dental decay comes from an overly acidic mouth culture. So if this is happening in your mouth, imagine what is happening on an overall physical level if your ph is out of balance overall.


So, with the Spring Equinox occurring conjunct Chiron in Aries, we have a strong re-infusion and focus on our personal healing journeys, and with the Full Moon in Libra, this is being mirrored back and supported by how we relate to others. 


What has our communication been like with others? With Mercury retrograde in Pisces over this past week and a half, we’re about halfway through his retrograde transit, which can add an interesting component to what we’re discovering, and our overall energy for creating something new.


You may have been experiencing rendezvous with past lovers or past relationships coming into your awareness that need some healing, and this Full Moon can bring a culmination of that awareness. So many of you have been telling me about your dreams with past relationships, or even the lingering thoughts of needing to reconcile or communicate to past lovers to find greater healing or clarity. This is quite common during Mercury retrograde phases, especially as we mentally go back to try to solve issues that in some way are linked to our current evolution. Especially with Mercury in Pisces, bringing our conscious awareness to how we find wholeness, our spiritual path, our connection with All that Is. This is bringing up stuff around unconditional love, acceptance, compassion and forgiveness, most commonly in all the ways we can share more of this energy with ourselves and others.


With the Full Moon, you may find this to be heightened with a focus on forgiving others, and noticing the effects that has on your ability to free yourself from past shackles, which can then support your personal creative process even more.


When we think of Spring, we think Spring cleaning, or we think about what new things we want to create. We are inspired, and motivated. With this Mercury Retrograde, just remember to be patient with yourself if you feel like you don’t yet have everything worked out. This requires faith and trust, and sometimes you need to forge ahead without having all the mental answers worked out. But remember there is a way to be strategic with this. If you’re able to wait until Mercury stations direct, then wait, but if you need to take action now, then trust that you have all the necessary information you require at this time, and reach out to Great Spirit, God/Goddess to help lead the way in your decision-making process. It’s likely that new information will continue to trickle in over the next month that will help bring greater clarity to whatever situation you’re trying to find the answers to.


A lot of us are finding ourselves immersed in the need to make radical change in a new direction. This is a healthy drive for change, and aligns well with the current energy, but it requires that strong focus on faith and trust. It requires alignment with our higher selves. Think Jupiter in Sagittarius in a rough square with the Pisces planets right now. This brings up a lot of inner dialogue regarding personal truth and timeless truth, and how to expand beyond what we thought was possible in our very belief systems. This is a great time to notice the words that you speak, and notice how they link back to your beliefs about a given topic. This can be highly illuminating about the specific ways you are growing, stretching and expanding right now. 


Overall, collectively we’re calling in greater acceptance and tolerance toward all the varying belief systems out there, which we know are infinite and quite nuanced. The only way to collectively heal a lot of our rifts in belief systems are to cultivate a higher acceptance and seeing the relativity of truth, and therefore stretching our higher minds beyond what we thought was possible in how to see the world and our place in it. This will become more obvious how this is operating in your life when Jupiter stations retrograde, which will be mid-Aries season on April 10th.


On the same day we also have Mars in Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn, highlighting the transformation of what we take action on in regards to Earthly resources. We may find ourselves needing to consciously align with a way of spending money or using resources that brings more long-term sustainability, which can ultimately help expand resources rather than deplete them. Look to where you have Taurus and Capricorn in your chart to see what kinds of resources this means for you.


We will also have Venus entering Pisces March 26th, bringing a nice harmonizing impact with Mercury in his final days of retrograde season. She’ll join Neptune as well April 9th, bringing in a heightened focus on wholistic healing and universal love. Venus in Pisces brings a strong emphasis on loving the All, loving all of ourselves, loving all of those others in our lives, and even loving the others who we do not include in our closest circle. 


This can be a time of widening the circle, as Mother Theresa would argue, that sometimes we draw our circle too small. On a collective level, if everyone is doing this, it creates scarcity mindset, whereas if we all draw our circles a bit bigger, we start to realize there really is always enough to go around, and we can enter an abundance mindset that seeks to share what we have with others, out of the pure joy of knowing we are all one, that when we help others, we help ourselves. When we love others, we love ourselves.


Pisces also rules the lymphatic system, and Venus seeks to bring harmony wherever she travels, so paying attention to how the fluids are being moved through your body, getting enough exercise, staying hydrated and focusing on the wholeness of your organism can give you a nice lift depending on how you’ve been feeling. Venus in Pisces specifically can link to issues with blood sugar, so making sure you’re in balance with what you’re eating, especially if you’re feeling super activated but leaving little time to eat properly, blood sugar spikes and crashes are a very real thing that can definitely deplete you if you’ve overworking yourself. It’s okay to slow down and let things come to you, even while you are energetically pushing forward with the Spring energy of creation. Pisces also rules the feet, so reflexology may be a nice thing to gift yourself if you know you’re needing some more self-care! The North Node is still in Cancer people, so self-care and self-love is a must, always, but especially right now.


Speaking of that, Cancer rules the stomach, so paying special attention to how you are feeding yourself, both physically and on the soul level. How is the work you’re doing in the world (South Node in Capricorn) feeding your soul? How are you literally eating? Your stomach will let you know if it’s not working for you, and typically the physical mirrors much of the spiritual, so you know if you’re not feeding yourself well physically, there may not be proper spiritual nourishment as well. They usually go hand in hand, as when we’re too hurried to eat well, as we really taking the time we need to nourish our spirit? Food for thought. 


Having a full moon ring us in to the natural new year of the zodiac reminds us to stay connected with our relationships while we forge ahead on our personal path. We can find much support by staying close to others, and even though we all have our own journey, we know the fruits of our work is best tasting when shared with others, so include others where and how you can in your journey.


Be open to communicating about your projects, about what inspires you. You may find that others are also seeking someone to share about their dreams. Really, we all just want to be able to tell our story, at least to someone, so be willing to listen as well. Be willing to see both sides of the story. Be willing to open yourself up to others and be present, and notice the benefits that it also has for your own creative journey.


So, to summarize:Look at where you have Aries and Libra in your chart to see what is being most strongly illuminated within you this full moon and into the new season. Take a look at how you are feeding and nourishing yourself, and make a new plan if necessary. Ask for help if you need it, that’s why I’m here and others like me. 


Wishing you all well friends! Until next time, namaste!